Pixelart: Xander Foxwood


My Pixelart version of Xander Foxwood in the Splinterlands game. We should not judge this creature because despite of its size it can do extra ordinary things. Its clothes is covered with some leaves. This could mean that the Xander Foxwood is living or staying usually in the forest. It can also be in places where there are lots of trees. I made the background more green or in the shade of green to make it more like a forest. Same with the light or glowing effect.

Xander Foxwood is one of the protector of this place. He is currently looking at us right now. Probably asking us what we want or why we are here in their place.


Creating the outline of the body and head of Xander Foxwood.

Outline of the legs and details for the belt.

Creating the outline of the boots.

Outline of the arms. This one has a different position of arms.

Adding the outline of the leaves and also its clothes.

Reducing the opacity of the body, to see the sword while doing it.

Adding the outline of its ears.

Outline of its hair.

Outline of the wings. Then I used the duplicate option. Flipped it vertically for the other side.

Coloring the skin and clothes.

Coloring the sword.

Coloring the leaves and its pants.

Coloring the wings.

Adding details for the wings.

Same procedures were made for the details.

Duplicate each details and then flipped it vertically.

Shadings and Shadows.

Coloring the eyes.

Creating the details for the background.

Adding the tall trees.

Adding the glowing effect.

Animation part. Rotating the left and right wings per frame.