My daily quest in Diamond II - Sneak quest made in 14 09 2021! GREAT REWARDS!


Welcome Guys!

Now it's time to show you my daily quest in Diamond II. It was not easy to climb to Diamond II. Sometimes I faced really strong players, sometimes I played versus players with much lower elo rating with chance to drop many of my hard earned points.

But finally after days I climbed to Diamond II and here you will see my rewards for quest with 17 chests box (12 for quest + 5 for quest potion)!

If climbing would be easy everybody will do it.

rewards DII.png

Now I show you my last battle result, after which I advanced to Diamond II!

I was so much determined. Always I do my best after making quest. There is no mercy for my opponents. As you see my hot win streak - 7 wins in a row!

new season 14 09 sneak quest.png

Now let's take a look at the rewards!


I can say that this time I got really good rewards!

Gold foil card from untamed reward edition, epic and 2 rare cards!

Now I not see so many dec tokens in my chests, but that is even better for me :D

Hard to say how much are these cards worth now, but I can say that these rewards in 14 09 2021 was worth much more than 20$!