My quest in Gold I in first day of the season made by me one month ago. I was on super win streak straight to Gold I!


Welcome Guys!

gold I quest done.png

I had dragon quest, which I really like. I found this screens from last month, so it's like 2 seasons ago. But it was in first day of the season!

I was in Diamond at end of season and I started with 2200 elo raiting.

Just look at my awesome win streak during first day of the season!

It doesn't matter how strong was my opponent's they need to admit that I was better than them this time!

win streak part2.png

win streak part1.png

win streak.png

During this win streak i beat opponents like him

19 mln power IG.png

with 19kk collection power, I was so determinated to win!

win vs top 1.png

Almost at start of my win streak I won versus current top 1 in gold league!

leaderboard won vs kiel19.png

That was awesome raid straight to Gold I!

gold I.png

My chest box ready to open!

13 chests 1 day season.png


I got Venari Wavesmith and I am happy, because this is the only rare card, which hold great value from rares!