RE: The grand strategy that could put SPS in check (ENG-ESP)

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i can say as a top player that i like play with full gold foil cards to be able earn much more from rankeds and have opportunity to big wins from gold foil tournaments. Of course sell pressure with sps comes from players, who rent a lot and want cover their rentals with swaping sps to dec. So yes i earn much more than average player, but even with my cards and i have over 200 gold foil cards i still rent cards for about 2.5-3k dec/day. So if i want to make profit i need to earn like 120 sps per day, which is not easy to do if my performance is bad or i am tired of playing much rankeds and i only use energy without buying more. Anyway there always was sps sell pressure if not from real players it was from bot owners. If someone like me have enough sps for x12 bonus i not need more so i conver my earnings sps for dec. Is that bad for ecosystem? I think not really, because still my dec, which i spent some burns, when i pay fee for renting cards. If token is cheap then less people try to make roi, because is hard to have enough dec for sps, so sometimes i not play whole season only when are gold foils tournaments to cover cost of my rentals.