Splinterlands Weekly Challenge - Back to Basics Ruleset


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Hello everyone, this is my post for the Splinterlands Weekly Challenge.
The topic of the week is the Back to Basics ruleset, let's get into it:

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Back to Basics:
Monsters lose all abilities.

It is not recommended to use melee monsters as they can only attack on the frontline, but some could be great for their high HP.Knowing that most of the monsters can be Magic or Ranged monsters, it could be great to play a summoner that weakens or returns these types of attacks.
50x50 ariuscenter.png50x50 alricstormbringer.png50x50 prince rennyn.png Arius, Alric, Rennyn: Magic/Ranged monsters get +1 Attack. Destroy the enemy with your powerful monsters.50x50 lir deepswimmer.png50x50 ilthain c.png50x50 owster.png Lir Deepswimmer, Ilthain, Owster Rotwell: All friendly monsters receive Return Fire/Magic Reflect .
50x50 Thaddius brood.png60x60 Bortus.png50x50 Quix the Devious.pngThaddius Brood, Bortus, Quix: All enemy Magic/Ranged Attack monsters have -1 Attack. Weakens the power of enemy monsters25x25 melee mayhem.png 25x25 close range.png Melee/Ranged monsters can attack from any position if the Melee Mayhem/Close Range ruleset is active.

At the moment these summoners don't give abilities:

214x303 Jarlax theUndead.png214x303 PrinceJulian.png214x303 Kretch Tallevor.png

There are monsters that don't have any ability even at MAX Level and those are:

214x303 Runemancer Florre.png214x303.png214x303 peacebringer.png


This battle the following rulesets are active:

rulset las nn.png

57x57 no legendaries.png Lost Legendaries57x57 lost magic.png Lost Magic57x57 backtobasics.png Back to Basics
Legendary Monsters may not be used in battles.Monsters with Magic attack may not be used in battles.Monsters lose all abilities.

Team Line- up

+1Speed and Return FireIlthain. Since the Lost Magic ruleset is active, only 2 types of monsters can be played: Melee and Ranged monsters, but with the Back to Basics ruleset, Melee monsters can only attack on the frontline, so there's a high probability my opponent wants to play ranged monsters. And Ilthain, who gives Return Fire ability to my monsters, will turn the battle in my favor.
NoneBlinding Reflector. It's one of the tank monsters I play a lot because it has a low mana cost (3) , has good health (5), and also has 3 armor.
NoneFurious Chicken. In second Position, the powerful chicken, will inspire my monsters with its presence and then die with a single attack :P
Flying (Negated)Pelacor Conjurer. It is good to have another monster with great health (5), and what better than a card that only costs 2 mana.
NonePeacebringer. A powerful ranged monster that deals decent damage (3) and 5 health.
NoneAir elemental. It has almost the same stats as its ally Peacebringer, but this ranged monster will attack first thanks to its speed.
Oppress (Negated)Grenadier, in the last position, this grenade throwing monster only has 2 health, but does 2 damage, hopefully it will destroy some monsters.


My opponent and I use the same summoner (Ilthain), so all monsters gain +1 Speed and Return Fire ability.

prebattle backtobasics.png

Round 1

round 1 backto basics.png

-Starting the battle, Chaos Agent is destroyed by my Air elemental.
-Enemy Grenadier attacks and eliminates Blinding Reflector.
-At the end of the round my Grenadier kills the enemy Pelacor Conjurer.
-Ranged monsters were damaged due to the Return Fire ability.

Round 2

Round 2 back basics 2.png

-My Air Elemental attacks its next victim, this time killing Halfling Alchemist.
-The almighty Furious Chicken is mercilessly attacked and destroyed by the enemy Air Elemental.
-My Peacebringer destroys his evil twin Peacebringer #2.
-My Grenadier avenged the Furious Chicken by eliminating the enemy Air Elemental, but Grenadier was also destroyed by his own attack.

Round 3

round 3final btb.png

-Finally, Air Elemental ends the game by attacking and killing its last victim (Grenadier), while being destroyed by its own power.

Full Battle:

(Unsupported https://3speak.tv/watch?v=aubryd/dwcpgcot)

Watch on Splinterlands

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With the Back to Basics ruleset, magic monsters may be the best to play, but the Lost Magic ruleset is also active, so they can't be played in this battle. Giving only the option to play Melee and Ranged monsters, my opponent and I opted to play the summoner Ilthain who gives Return Fire ability.
We almost used the same lineup, but with the difference that my opponent played Chaos Agent (2HP) and Halfling Alchemist (1Hp,1armor) which weren't as strong as my Blinding Reflector (5HP,3armor) and Chicken (1million HP :P ) and that gave me the advantage to win the battle.



If you haven't played Splinterlands yet, I invite you to join with my referral link, it's an amazing strategy game and I hope you have a great experience with it.

That's all for now, have a great day!


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