A quick tutorial on how (and when) to Level-Up cards


Hello Hivers and Splinterlands players,


today is time to power up a little bit my deck. I have opened some packs recently and I got among other cards, two summoners: Tarsa and Kelya Frendul. Since I got three cards for both of them, I decided it was time to increase their level in order to be able to use some of the other cards that I got through packs, in particular a gold foil card called Tusk the wide.


I have to admit that being really new to this game (I started playing some months ago), up to today I had no idea how leveling up worked. So I watched some youtube videos and read some posts in the community. And no I would like to share with you what I learned.

The main advantage of leveling up a summoner is that it allows using higher-level cards of different types.


Tarsa for example, in here level two version, allows you to use epic and rare cards up to level 2, and normal ones up to level 3.


Kelya also has the same upgrades in his level 2 version.

In order t level up, for those of you that don't know, you have to look at the number in the CARDS column. Both for Tarsa and Kelia the number of cards required is 5. I find the mechanism of merging up really fascinating since, when you do it, you are actually erasing some of the cards from the game (which has as a side consequence also the price increase over time, since fewer versions of that cards are present).

So leveling up cards should never be taken lightly, since one has to decide if it is more valuable to keep 5 versions of the same card at level 1, and hope that the value will increase in the future and sell them, or merge them in order to be more competitive in the game, but knowing that the value of the card could decrease in this way (this is not always the case, but can happen).

Here another thing that you should take into account is the fact that the value of the merged cards, is not always higher than the sum of the base ones. Most of the time this is not the case and in order to have an idea on which is the price difference you should look at the $/BCX (where BCX stands for Base Card Experience and is an indication of how many of that cards are present in the version you are looking at, so if BCX is 3 it means that 3 cards were merged together). The $/BCX, gives an indication of the price of every single card that is present, so if the $/BCX is 0.5$ in a card with a BCX of 5, then it means that the mean price per card is 0.5$.

If, for example, that single card at level 1 with a BCX of 1 costs 1$, then probably it is worth buying directly version 2 instead of the 4 others you need singularly. In the first case, you would spend 2.5 $ for the level 2 card, while in the second one 4$ to obtain the remaining 4 cards. So not a difficult choice in my opinion.

In my case, I decided to buy the remaining cards since the price difference was not so important (it was slightly higher, 3.84$ per each card in the level 2 version and 3.63$ for the single one).



So, after having collected the right amount of cards, it is finally time to merge. Also here it is very simple, you should click on the card you want to level up (I will use here another card as an example since I forgot to take a snapshot with Tarsa and Keyla 😅).


  • First of all you select all of the cards
  • Then if necessary, deselect the one in surplus;
  • click on the merge button (the plus icon)

And voilà ...

The merge is done.

I hope you liked this very brief tutorial, I am slowly learning how this game works and if I learn some new stuff I will try to share it with you asap.
Of course, if my explanation wasn't clear enough or incomplete, feel free to comment on the post and I will for sure answer everyone.

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Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading.


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