Season ending - chest opening in Gold III


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The season ended some days ago, and for the first time, I was able to reach the Gold League (Gold III to be more precise).

The most difficult part of reaching gold is not actually winning the battles necessary to reach a rating of 1900, but to reach the power of 100000. Maybe I should explain myself a little better, it was not easy to win all of the matches to reach the rating, but it was far more difficult to rent the necessary card to arrive gold without spending a fortune. This is the case since during the last days of the season, the prices of the card on rent (especially the legendary gold ones, which give 12500 points of power each) tend to increase dramatically, reaching even an x10 factor in some cases.
So I had to spend something like 3000 credits, and seeing the cards I found it was not such a good investment... but still, opening the loot chests is so funny that I don't regret a single credit 😁.
Probably next time I will try to rent the necessary cards a few days earlier and keep them till necessary, in this way I will spend less...

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