ASII EOS Report (April 1-15)

Final Season of Phase I

This was, in my opinion, our last Season in Phase I of the 'Road to Maturity'( We have, really, come very far- very fast and I can't thank my Early Investors enough. Your trust in me and faith in this project, well, it has helped propel us forward faster than I thought possible.
Although I said this was the last Season in Phase I- that is only because I delayed doing the Phase II Token Issue until after EOS, we are well and truly well into Phase II. I am excited to report that the ENTIRE amount of ASII Tokens Reserved for the Private Offering, were taken.

Earnings, Payout and Distribution

HODLerNum TokensDistribution

ASII Earnings

I have split the Earnings of the ASII account(s) into 4 separate categories:
Hive-Engine (HE) Transactions- Rewards, Distributions, etc. this is where all our LPs pay into as well as some other income sources
Splinterlands (SPL) Transactions- This is mostly SPL Air Drops (AD). The ASII account(s) receive a variety of different ADs, here, as well as the SPS Staking Rewards. The 'big' ADs in this category are SPS AD, VOUCHER AD, and Card AD.
Rentals- This is where I track the income from renting the cards in the ASII-Rentals account.
Rho's Ho- This is an 'ongoing' experiment in a 'scholarship' account, ASII has delegated some cards to this account and it participates in tourneys, does daily Quests for Rewards as well as compete for a spot on the Silver League Leaderboard every Season.
As is to be expected, from the capital allocations of the fund, most of our Earnings come from SPL Transactions (57%) and Rentals (38%) with Rho's Ho bringing in ~4% and HE filling in the rest. The top-line numbers are a little misleading though. Our HE holdings and Rentals, provide almost all of our SPS AD points while the SPS AD, in turn, provides us with the vast majority of our SPL-Tran income.
All together, the different sources of income provided us with right at 582,000 in DEC equivalent income. Taking into account the 20,000 Tokens that have been Issued, at this point, each ASII Token paid 29.1 DEC to it's HODLer- which would be an APR in excess of 120%, over the course of 24 Seasons/yr. The Big News, as far as Earnings breakdown- for me, is Rental Income. Rental Income has continued to explode, we went from 160K DEC in rentals the previous Season to over 220K this Season- > 40% growth in earnings over 15 days!

Changes in HODLer Positions

Given that there has been no ASII Tokens available, either through HE or from ASII, for the past 2 Seasons, there has been no change in number of HODLers or number of Tokens held by each. The End of the Private Offering and the first 'Public Offering' though, means there will be some major changes after this Season. Several people contacted me through Discord ( concerning ASII Tokens and we have already sold out the first Release of ASII Tokens, before they will even have a chance to hit HE. This means that @josieb, @elephantium, @nines13 and @iamyourdaddy will be joining the rolls of ASII HODLers, soon.


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