Testing Grum, In Silver


The Genesis, of this article, was another article I saw on PeakD "Grum is Overrated"

So, I thought I would test that idea. Was Grum Overrated? I'd seen him do same pretty nutty things but OTOH: he was hard to get started. Looking at cards I decided that I would pair a L2 Grum (Void, Void Armor, Bloodlust) with a L2 Kitty (+2S, True Aim, Tank Heal) as well as a L4 Tarsa (+1Melee Attack, +1H). In addition to the True Aim/Tank Heal/Void benefits of this setup- Silver League allowed me to used the L5 Flame Monkey. At L5 this 1 mana card gains 'Repair', which is FANTASTIC- especially for Grum.

How did I do? How did Grum do?

Path to Gold- Day 2.png
As you can see, when compared to my record after Novice/Bronze, I only fought 28 Battles in Silver before my rating got >1900
I won 25 of those Battles in Silver for a Silver League record of 25-3, including a streak of 24 wins in a row from Silver III all the way up to 1900 rating. Since I was, virtually, unbeaten- well Grum was 100% unbeatable. Kitty/no Kitty, 20 mana/99 mana- it didn't matter Grum ate every team he went up against.

First Battle with Grum, in Silver: (vs Earth Magic)
Wow! that Void/Void Armor/Repair/Tank Heal setup is.... deadly.

Second Battle with Grum in Silver: (vs Death)
Again, they try to use Magic against Grum.... that, doesn't work out too well for them.

Third Battle: (vs Fire)

(Huh, 6 Battles in and I'm in Silver II)
(I'm also 6-0)

Battle, the Fourth: (vs Water, with BLAST!)
Having BLAST! in the ruleset meant that Grum's Bloodlust got triggered off the monsters he killed, behind the monster he hit.....

Took a while to get him going- no Kitty, lots of misses:
but yeah, in the end he got his first kill and..... he killed the rest of the team.


Although Grum, and the rest of my decks, performed flawlessly in Silver- the truth is:
Silver is EASY mode, right now. There's NOTHING there but 'sleazy, low-effort bots' it wasn't until I hit 1500 rating that I saw a 'Bronze Level' deck. That means that there's NOTHING but Novice bots from Novice to Silver I- any, actual, Silver build will cut through that like a hot knife through butter.

I've decided to take a day off- let my ECR recover, let my quests stack up and start fresh in about.... 23hrs.
Then, I'll try the L2 Kitty/Grum build in Gold- along with a few other builds I've been thinking about/hearing about in Gold. Then, we'll see if Grum & Co. can abuse Gold as badly as he thrashed all of Silver.

Oh and the other deck I relied on to walk through Silver?
Sloan- it's super easy and stupid cheap to rent:
L4 Sloan- 6.5/day
L4 Shieldbearer- 9
L5 Lone Boatman- 4.5
L4 Crystalsmith- 1
L4 Arbalest- 1
22 DEC/day- UNBEATABLE in Silver- that's 6.5 cents for a ticket to GOLD! you could/should rent a few other cards to support it:
Herbalist (L3- Cleanse), Xenith Archer, Pelacor Conjuror, Prismologist (L3- 4(5) Attack and BLAST!), Time Mage, Armorsmith, and Divine Healer but none of those are vital- just More. Cheap. Big- for different mana caps and rulesets.


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One of the better splinterlands posts I've seen in a long time


Thanks Jarvie!


I truly enjoyed reading this, I’m definitely going to start using this card.