Failed Summoner is essential to your Mylor deck

It comes free with every spellbook deck and gets even better when upgraded. For 2 mana, this card is essential to your Mylor deck. Not only is it pro-active against magic attacks, it also acts as an excellent snipe buffer for your Wood Nymph or as a final resort will be a domage sponge and deal some thorn damage comboed with Mylor. Place a Unicorn-Failed Summoner-Wood Nymph- Earth Elemental and you're just about guarnteed victory against almost any deck. This combo will prevent you from getting sniped, sneaked, or rekd with magic. This is a low mana setup that can breeze you through early ranks and works with almost any ruleset. You can mix and match with extra mana but these should be your core cards. I personally like to use mountain goat if I have a bit of extra mana.

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