Why You Should Rank Down and Rent Out Your Cards Instead: Income vs Chest Analysis


Hey Everyone, I'm here today to talk about the benefits of renting your cards out even if it means less end of season rewards. In the last day of the season I ended up making 6K DEC in rentals from roughly 30K power. I know the desire to earn more chests is strong but I'll explain why I think renting was the way to go if you're in Gold or lower leagues. You can even earn more chests by buying quest potions with your rental income than you would have earned at the end of season. I'll break down and explain why below.


The Perfect Storm

This season end saw a huge boom in rental prices thanks to brand new reward cards and a last minute ranking change resulting in power being needed at the season end to remain in your current rank. Past seasons have seen a huge boom in rental prices too but nothing like this. Next season will see a huge spike again but probably not quite as high as this one. (Unless the demand for the new reward cards stay strong all season long)

The Figures


Screenshot from peakmonsters.com rental history (Highly recommended website to make everything in your Splinterlands life easier)

Just have a look at some of the rental prices I was getting on the last day. 569 DEC for a lvl 1 Cornealus and 466 for GF Naga Windmaster are absolutely insane. Even run of the mill Epics worth 200 power were renting for 45-50 DEC in the final hours. When I made the decision to rent my cards I was currently placed at Silver III which means I was eligible for 18 Reward Chests. By renting out 30K power worth of cards and dropping down to Silver II I made 6K DEC in exchange for the 3 reward chests I missed out on for ranking down. 6K DEC at the time is equal to rougly $35 USD. In Silver, you get 3 additional chests per rank up. In Gold, you get 4 additional chest per rank up.


If you are absolutely dying for reward chests, I would suggest that you rent your cards out and use your DEC earnings to buy Quest Potions instead.


Quest Potions cost 750 DEC (screenshot shows my guild discount) and award 5 additional chests per daily quest. While I may have given up 3 chests by ranking down I could roll that 6K DEC from rental earnings into 8 Quest Potions which would award me 40 chests. Now, would you rather have 3 extra chests or 40 extra chests? I personally didn't reinvest my earnings into quest potions because I don't like gambling often but if you're entirely driven by chests this method still works out better in your favor.

Did you rent out? Or did you try and go for the highest rank possible for the most chests? How did it work out for you? Please feel free to comment below. I love conversation and would love to know how everyone else's end of season went for them. Till next time, happy gaming!

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