REWARD CARD UPDATE! News & What This Means For The Current Card Market!



Holy crap guys! Splinterlands just made a huge announcement regarding the next batch of reward cards and oh boy is it juicy. Read below to find out the details and my reactions to what this means for the current market. As always, please comment and let me know your thoughts! I love to engage in conversation and want to know what you think about this huge news. Now, onto the news and what we know so far!

21 New Cards, Lowered Burn Value and Higher Print Run

What we know so far:

  • 21 new cards
  • New cards release on Monday, September 13th, 2021
  • There will be three new cards from each Splinter element as well as three Neutral cards
  • The breakdown of rarity will be: 6 Common, 8 Rare, 4 Epic, and 3 Legendary cards
  • Print run will be 20x bigger than last run
  • Burn values for new cards will be decreased (this means less power)
  • 4 New Abilities will be added to the game

Decreased Burn Values

The new cards will have significantly less burn rates and by extension power levels, though the devs have said they want to decouple power and burn rates so that may be changed in the future. Check the table above for the new burn rates. The Other major change is that these cards will be printed 20x more than the last set to accommodate for the new player growth and they are some hefty numbers.

  • Common - 8,000,000
  • Rare - 2,000,000
  • Epic - 800,000
  • Legendary - 200,000

This sounds like a lot, and it is, but when you consider that cards need to be burned to be leveled up the card pool decreases significantly. While the single print run is massive, once combined there can never be more than 18K max level cards.

Updated Drop Percentages For Reward Chests

With the increased print run comes an increase in card drop percentages. After the reward card drought it seems like we will all be showered in cards for awhile which I personally welcome, even if they will be worth less at first. New drop values below:

  • Reward Card - 50%
  • DEC - 25%
  • Potion - 25%
  • Once Chaos Legion is released 1% chance to get a pack will be added and 1% from potions will be decreased

New Abilities!!!


Last but not least we have some truly exciting news, the addition of 4 abilities and wow guys, let me tell you these are no joke and will definitely spice up the meta a bit.

Amplify is a tasty little ability for you Owster and Mylor mains. As if those two summoners weren't awesome enough, now you can buff them even more.

Forcefield sounds absolutely disgusting in high rank play. It's not so deadly for those of us in bronze and silver but this ability will be coveted for high level gameplay and leveled up cards.

Camouflage is an interesting one. I don't think it will play with the meta too much but it's a fun ability and I look forward to utilizing it.

Deathblow deals a literal deathblow to the Kron Llama meta. Deathblow is an ability made specifically to give a giant middle finger to Last Stand lovers.

What Does All Of This Mean For The Market???

Make no mistakes, this news will make ripples in the market. The most obvious being an even stronger bump to Owster, lil deepswimmer and Mylors value. The two dice summoners are already incredible cards that only get better with the new Amplify ability. Mylor is pretty expensive but I'll be keeping my eyes on any dips for Owster and snagging them. Lil Deepswimmer is already pretty pricey and will probably go up even more. There were a few budget ones on the market today that I took bought but the card is now back up to $200+ with this announcement which makes it too rich for my blood.

On the debuff side of the news, Kron and Llama could end up taking hits because of deathblow. If attainable cards come equipped with this ability it could effect this OP combo significantly. I think these cards will still be expensive but this is a huge nerf to them and a big counter for the average player utilize.

The next biggest effect is going to be the print run. Such a large print run is sure to bring prices down temporarily. It's not going to tank the market overall but depending on what cards are released it could heavily effect a cards value. For instance, if a competitor to sand worm came out with a print run of 8 Mil that would definitely effect the value of everyones beloved worm. Same can be said for other utility cards. The devs hinted at another 0 cost Epic card. If that ends up being a colorless card that competes with Chicken, being printed at 800K is certainly something that could effect the price. The dev's have been pretty good in the past about making cards that compliment each other instead of power creeping so I have faith they will try and keep most market prices in tact but these are things to consider. The new print run sounds huge and it will mean cheaper prices at first but once the player base continues to snowball and get bigger prices will steadily rise.

That wraps up my analysis for now. I absolutely love discussion so please let me know what you think below. If you enjoyed this post please consider giving me a follow. I'm new here but will be posting much more content including regular giveaways (one is currently running). As one Parting bit of info, I'll leave you with the 2 new reward cards we do know about. These have been floating around for a week now but in case you haven't seen them, there ya go.

Lava Launcher

Djinn Oshannus



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