Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge: Ant Miners



Let's Get Ready to Ruuuuuuumbleeee!!!!

Hey everyone, welcome to my weekly battle challenge featuring one of my favorite low mana cards, Ant Miners. Now, I admittedly am not a fire user at all. I appreciate and love ant miners (I have 16 of them) even though I never play fire decks. I don't have a clue how I managed to eek out a win but let's see how things played out!

Battle Video Link:

Battle Modifiers:

  • Even Stevens
  • Blast (crap, I forgot this was active when selecting my lineup)
  • Death Inactive
  • 40 Mana

My Lineup and why I chose it:

Delwyn Dragonscale

  • Honestly, I just picked him because I got a screaming deal on a level 4 in the marketplace and was incredibly eager to try him out lol. 40 mana cap also helped.

Goblin Mech

  • I considered living Lava but I only have a level 1. With my Gold Foil Mech being level 4 and the high mana match mech seemed like the better choice.

Efreet Elder

  • Magic to combo with Delwyn. High health to protect my back line magic from getting sniped.

Goblin Firemage

  • Horrible placement on my part. I forgot all about the blast modifier. He could very easily get shreaded if the enemy has any snipe. Cheap, reliable magic is why I chose him. Dispel is a plus but for 4 mana he seemed like a good choice.

Battering Ram

  • One of my go to low mana cards to fill out a lineup. I forgot about blast at the time but Ram is actually very good in blast matches because of its Opportunity skill so it worked out in my favor

Ant Miners

  • Ant Miners is great for high mana battles because the number of cards on field is likely to be high. I put him second to last because I knew I would have a strong back line card and if all else failed, ant miners would be pumped up and ready to tank for my Back line Ranged card.


  • One of my favorite back line cards. High health and healing make this card a threat in high mana matches.

The Battle!


Oh [email protected]#k! I forgot about Blast. Thank god my opponent seemed to forget too and chose no monsters with snipe or sneak. This is going to be an interesting one, I honestly didn't know how it would play out. Efreets high health allowed me to chew threw his front line pretty quickly but once my mech crumbled so did most of my line.


After both of our lines got shreaded we entered a stalemate. With rounds counting down and fatigue creeping ever closer, I needed to chew his cornealus down as much as possible before fatigue downed my 1 health mage.


Well, that didn't work. Cornealus healed as much damage as I could do. Now that fatigue destroyed my mage, it's all up to Ant Miners and my Cornealus. Thank god I put Ant Miner's as a buffer, his high scavenged high health ensured my Cornealus stayed fresh while my enemies healing could keep up.


Round 24, my ant Miners is finally dead and my Cornealus is buffed while his is damaged. This is game over.


Ant Miners put on a hell of a last stand and saved the day. I got a bit lucky that my opponent didn't utilize the blast playset, but then again, neither did I. All in all a tense and fun battle that's always fun when it goes into fatigue rounds. I do think I'll keep stacking my ant miners and try to get one leveled up fully.

Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to drop me a comment as I love to discuss the game!


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Nice battle, seems like fatigue got the most over your opponent!