Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge Featuring Centauri Mage FTW

Let's Get Ready to Ruuuuuuumbleeee!!!!

Hey everyone, welcome to my weekly battle challenge featuring Centauri Mage. I don't have this card in my deck but I always wanted it. I'm a little broke at the moment so let's rent one out for now and see how it goes!

Follow this link to watch a replay of the battle!

Battle Modifiers:

  • Healed Out (No Healing)
  • Death and Earth are the only decks available for play
  • 28 Mana

My Lineup and why I chose it:


  • It was pretty much my only choice given the limited decks lol

Centauri Mage

  • If my oponent uses death that deck is filled to the brim with ranged attacks and snipers. The mage has excellent health and return fire should make work of their ranged cards. I'm banking on melee but this is my backup in case they go ranged.


  • Staple in my deck for filling out a line. Nice health bonus to my team.

Venari Seedsmith

  • Good attack power to mana cost ration. It fit the bill for what I needed.

Halfling Alchemist

  • Another staple for filling out a line. This card is OP for 2 mana. Hell yeah I'm gonna throw it in my lineup.


  • High speed but low health, the idea here is to hope RNG is on my side incase they try to sneak me from behind. Brownie is pretty nimble so I'm hoping he will dodge a few attacks before going down.

The Battle!


Oh thank god I put Centauri Mage in my lineup. I really was expecting lots of melee but they went almost exclusively ranged. I'm not sure if I have this in the bag or not.


Hell yeah! What a first round. They missed the majority of their attacks and my halfling managed to nail goblin mech which is gonna help big time. Things are looking good.


RNGesus is no longer on my side but things are still looking good. Even though things are looking grim my bee my mage will surely clean up when she goes down.


That's all she wrote folks. In the end I took this one pretty easily thanks to my nimble bee. I didn't even lose a single member of my line. I'll take it :)


At the end of the day I didn't even need my mage for the win but if RNG had not been on my side and centauri mage had to step up to the plate I'm pretty certain she would have won the game for me. I really need to add this card into my collection.

Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to drop me a comment as I love to discuss the game!

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