Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge: Street Sharks Edition!


Let's Get Ready to Ruuuuuuumbleeee!!!!

Hey everyone, welcome to my weekly battle challenge featuring Wave Runner. I don't have this card in my deck but I always wanted it just because it gives me serious Street Sharks vibes lol. I'm a little broke at the moment so let's rent one out for now and see how it goes!

Follow this link to watch a replay of the battle!

Battle Modifiers:

  • Reverse Speed
  • Healed Out (No Healing)
  • Death, Life and Earth Inactive
  • 29 Mana

My Lineup and why I chose it:


  • My opponent had a ton of magic in his previous lineups so I was expecting to see Alric and wanted to counter him.

Almo Cambio

  • The highest health tank I had at my disposal to absorb magic. I don't have Torhillo or I would have used that. I just needed Almo's HP to hold up for a few rounds while I snipe my opponents magic.

Wave Runner

  • Solid Reach card to pair with Almo who has no attack. Decent enough health to step in after Almo finally dies. It felt like a good fit.

Sniping Narwhal

  • I expect magic so the idea here is to snipe out their back line before they can chew through my front.

Pirate Captain

  • Another snipe card.


  • Leaning hard on sniping and trying not to dilute my damage. I figured I would just go all in on snipe cards

The Battle!


I predicted my opponent right. All magic with Alric but I wasn't expecting Mantoid. That could be a problem for me since all my cards are ranged.


Shoot, two misses on Ice Pixie in the first round and the second round. Those misses are going to hurt, hopefully this still goes my way.


I finally got Ice Pixies down but lost my Sniping Narwhale. It's getting down to the line now but I think I have this one.

Almo is down, it's Wave Runners turn to step up and clean out the rest of the line. Because of reverse speed, he will have first shot at Serpent of Eld. Let's just hope Serpent's dodge ability doesn't make me miss.


Wave Runner FTW! Runner hit Eld and took him down leaving Mantoid on the front line without being able to attack. This battle is mine!


Wave Runner put on a great last stand and took the victory for me. His speed, attack and reach are great for how cheap of a card he is. I think I'll be picking up a GF off the market to keep after renting him out for the battle challenge.

Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to drop me a comment as I love to discuss the game!

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