My favorite Chaos Legion card so far


It's Riftwing!


Along with everyone else, I was so excited for Chaos Legion! Although I still haven't really bought any packs, I've picked up singles for the cards I really wanted. I've played a fair bit the past few days and am starting to see which cards are over or underperforming. I main the Death splinter, and one of the cards that really caught my eye was the humble common riftwing.

It flies

With flight and 4 speed at level 5 (the max for Silver league, where I'm at), it dodges a good chunk of non-magic attacks. As long as the enemy isn't using a magic team, and it isn't reverse speed, this combo means it can dodge a lot of attacks.

It lies...

in wait, for unsuspecting, slow enemies. With its high speed and flying when enemies miss it, as they do fairly often, backfire triggers and it deals 2 damage to its attacker. This is nice for a lot of reasons.

  1. It can trigger multiple times a turn.
  2. It doesn't trigger abilities like thorns or return fire
  3. Other than shield, the damage can't be reduced (e.g. headwinds)

So even though it doesn't itself attack, in the right match it can actually deal a surprising amount of damage. And it can sometimes hit the pesky cards in the middle of the enemy's lineup. Here's a link to a fight where it dodged a few hits and really contributed to the team damage.

One other plus of having no attack is you can use it to draw sniper fire. Here is a battle where I thought I'd be going up against Yodin, so I tucked it in between two tanks. So even when it did take damage from a sniper, the blast didn't hurt my real damage dealers. So even though it died without dodging a single attack, it kept my backline from dying too quickly.

It never dies!

It's last ability in Silver, Scavenger, really helps it survive. @cryptollama had a great video the other day highlighting the usage of Scavenger, and the venari lifesmith as an underrated card. Here is another card with it, that can really capitalize on its life, unlike the venari. Scavenger is best when the card is behind a few others so that things start dying and pump its life before it starts taking hits.

Here's a fight where I had my 2 0-cost cards out as cannon fodder to pump up my riftwing before it hit the front line.

Some additional points and strategy

Outside of the Silver league, it gets headwinds, which makes it an even stronger counter for ranged teams.

One of the strongest rulesets for it is little league, banning cards >4 mana. So it's speed and health make it the top of the line under this ruleset.


Buy one (or 400) today!


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