Splinterlands... Wow Moments Galore!


Hello. BasedCrypto here. As I sit here waiting for my HIVE Power to recharge I am just thinking about wow.
Wow on alot of things.
WOW, I can't believe anyone can rent Splinterlands cards over on Peakd at anytime for a minimal fee.
WOW, I can't beleive some of these gold cards have gone up SO MUCH!
WOW. These guys have been working on this game for how long!? Over 3 years!? Splinterlands has been affordable for HOW LONG!?
WOW, I missed the early bird train?

Well you know what they say... Better late then never!

I am just posting this as a wow moment. Aggroed and Yabba have pushed this technology very far. They truly are building an empire and thank you Splinterlands team SO MUCh for all of your dedication.

Through this game I feel a type of confidence that I can afford to continue to NOT WORK and INVEST money into this game to become a card shop owner, a financial blockchain investor, and much more!

I have wasted some money on other projects but not anymore!
Splinterlands has been my best investment SO FAR, and I am going to continue to invest in it so I can become a confident whale, swimming in a ocean of legendary cards!

Thanks for reading!