Ragnarok is COMING! Claim your DUAT now and prepare for BATTLE!


Screenshot (34).png

I just claimed my Ragnarok claim drop and bagged myself some DUAT! according to the team, DUAT is the realm of the dead in Egyptian Mythology so thats a cheerful start to the day.

Anyone who had hive power on the 6th of January is due an airdrop of duat at a ratio of 1:1
check it out for yourself if you havnt already:

eventually, a Ragnarok NFT will be able to be claimed for every 112 DUAT so Im genna be getting 30 I guess. I seem to remember hearing that a deck for playing the game was going to consist of 10 units but Im not sure that all of my claimable NFTs will actually be units. I seem to remember them saying that each unit will have its own deck of spell cards to use in battle so maybe it'll be a mix of units and spells or something. I don't know, theyve probably mentioned it somewhere but I havn't had my eye on the ball.

Either way its pretty exciting. A new game in the making is sure to get people fired up and by the sounds of it, its genna be an incredibly strategic game with eSport ambitions. A combination of chess, poker tactics and deck building card games. Lets hope they get the balance right!

Meanwhile, Im still hacking away at my daily quests in....


Today was the Neutral quest where youre not allowed to use any neutral monsters. Here are my battling highlights of the day:

Sometimes people go for a cheeky magic deck in the weak magic ruleset, maybe thinking that you'll not bother with magic defense. I nerfed magic with Thaddius and the spirit soldier with Harklaw up front to absorb any physical damage. Worked a treat ;)

I tried unsuccessfully to do a speedy smash and grab in the snipe ruleset

I thoroughly enjoyed taking out this magic deck with my flame serpent in the divine shield ruleset.

Watch the animated corpse lay waste to the lord of the seas! ha. Again when you see a magic deck coming its so satisfying to nerf them with silence!

I got a Pack!

Screenshot (35).png
thats a pretty sweet result from the daily quest rewards. Its always fun to open a new chaos legion pack.

Screenshot (36).png
Nice. The summoners are amongst the most valuable of the rare cards and I believe they will be needed to utilise land plots in the future so the more the merrier. And a gold card is always worth more because they gain more DEC if used in winning battles, they level up faster and they can be used in specialised guild brawls and tournaments. So all in all, not a bad day for rewards!

My love for splinterlands

I made a post explaining why I am so grateful to splinterlands yesterday. Go have a read if you like a soppy love story:


So Im still writing a post most days this month which Im quite impressed about. Usually im a bit of a quitter but I feel this is a good exercise for me. I almost did the timemage battle post for splinterlands where you can get a special upvote from the splinterlands team, seeming worth about 15 hive which is pretty awesome. The problem is Id have to start improving the formatting of my blog by using all the clever formatting tricks and I didnt feel quite ready for that this morning. However if im going to continue blogging I should at least have a go at making one look really nice so that I know how to do it. I find any extra work to be a bit of a creative block but who knows, I might come away with a couple of tricks that don't feel too boring to use and Im sure it will improve the quality of my blogging.

We'll see, it depends how motivated I feel. But now that the idea is in my head, I can just let it simmer for a bit...

pending. please wait.

Have a good one everybuddy
peace and/or love
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and/or neither
and/or whatever you like