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For those who don’t know, BDVoter is a curation project on HIve Blockchain that was initiated primarily aiming to encourage BD Hive users who were overlooked even after contributing to the chain with their excellent writing and meaningful engagement. However, the project has branched out to other communities and now manually curates worthy content on Hive including but not limited to creative writing, gaming content, travel blogs, sports talks, movie thoughts, and so on.

Besides, in an attempt to support a healthy ecosystem, BDVoter keeps an eye on @Splinterlands content and supports weekly challenges (Art Challenge, Social Media Challenge & Battle Mage Secrets). As the project strongly stands against plagiarists and spammers, content creators are encouraged to produce high-quality, meaningful, and original content that adds value to the blockchain. In short, we believe in creativity, so, show us the best of you!

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Going the Distance - Battle Mage Secrets [EN-PT/BR]

This post discusses the "Going The Distance" rule in the game Splinterlands, which only allows the use of cards with a Range attack. The post provides tips on strategies to use under this rule, such as utilizing abilities like Return Fire, Tank Heal, and Repair. The author shares a battle experience in a tournament with unique rules and limited mana, showcasing the importance of adapting strategies to specific conditions. Despite the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the game, the post offers valuable insights to enhance gameplay.


The more Armor the Better in an All Range Battle

This post discusses a battle in Splinterlands with the featured ruleset "Going the Distance," which only allows monsters with ranged attacks. The author provides a detailed analysis of their team lineup, the opponent's lineup, and a breakdown of each round of the battle. The strategy of increasing speed and armor for sustainability is highlighted, along with the importance of countering opponents' mistakes. The battle ends in victory for the author's team. The post also includes links to previous battles, credits for images, and an invitation to join Splinterlands.


Filling up SPS bag....

The post discusses the author's strategy of accumulating SPS tokens at a low price due to upcoming changes in the Splinterlands ecosystem. The author currently holds 86k SPS and plans to increase this holding. The post highlights the potential for SPS to reach $0.1 during the next bull run and mentions the introduction of 11 SPS DAO Treasurers as a move towards decentralization. The author expresses optimism about Splinterlands' future performance and invites readers to share their opinions on the topic.


Muestro una de las mejores combinaciones posibles con el SET de recompensas “Soulbound” actual [EN-ES]

This post discusses the current Soulbound bounty SET cards in "Chaos Legion" on Splinterlands, highlighting their strength and versatility in battle. The post provides tips on using Soulbound Summoners effectively, including choosing battles with high mana costs and selecting the right cards. It also presents a battle strategy combining Helios Matriarch with Katrelba Gobson and explains the rationale behind the card selection. The post concludes by encouraging readers to explore the potential of these combinations and stay tuned for future publications.


Battle Mage Secrets: Going the Distance Dominating in Speed

This post discusses the weekly challenge "Battle Mage Secrets" on Splinterlands, focusing on the rule set "Going the Distance" where only Range units can be used. The author shares their strategy using their Scholar Account and recommends using the Fire element with Conqueror Jacek summoner for dominating in speed. They provide a lineup for the battle, analyze the enemy's lineup, and discuss the effectiveness of their strategy. The author also mentions their favorite lineup in the water element and encourages readers to share their thoughts on possible strategies for the rule set. Overall, the post provides insights into battling in Splinterlands and offers helpful tips for success.


Splinterlands Today: What Changed for Splinterlands After Bitcoin Halving? [EN/PT]

This post discusses the impact of the recent Bitcoin halving on blockchain-based games like Splinterlands. While there was anticipation for increased rewards in $SPS tokens due to the halving, the reality may not have met expectations. The post emphasizes that the value of Splinterlands goes beyond token prices, highlighting the importance of an active and engaging community. It concludes by encouraging readers to focus on the unique experience and gameplay offered by Splinterlands rather than solely on financial rewards. Links to Splinterlands website, Twitter, and Discord server are provided for further engagement.

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