Ability strategy analysis: Opportunity

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This week we deep dive into one of my favorite ability: Opportunity.
When i started this game it was my favorite ability and it still is. You can use it in many battle to try to take out the weaker units first.

With the martyr you need to be more careful because those are places to be killed and boosting other units.

Furthermore splinterlands has introduced the ability lookout that will reduce the adjacent units from opportunity attackers. But to be honest i almost never seen them be part of the strategy and killing mine tactic.


Units with the Opportunity ability may attack from any position and will target the enemy Unit with the lowest health.

Official ability information from splinterlands: List abilities

Synergies / strategy

Abilities benefits

Inspire - Since most of the opportunity units are melee attackers this is obvious. Inspire give all your melee units +1 attack.

Be aware of abilities

Martyr - I like to counter opportunity unit with martyr unit that often have low health and are often only used to be killed and boost adjacent units.
Lookout - This is a somewhat newer ability this protect adjecent units, -1 damage, from opportunity units.

Ruleset benefits
Up close and personal - When you can only select melee units it often a must have to use opportunity and sneak units.

Select / favorite

Mine opportunity units:

There are already many unit that have this great ability
For me this was a easy pick. I use this unit so much it is my favorite unit in the entire splinterlands game.

I like this unit so much it almost in every water team I select. The opportunity targets the low health units and the poison can do some extra damage. Then this unit also reduces the melee damage of your opponent.
One thing to be carefull for is forcefield unit. Most of the time forcefield units have high health so not that much of a worry because it will only be attacked later in the battle

Look at how many battles is have already used it:



Example battle


This time a high mana cap battle with no restrictions other than the splinters water/dead and dragon.
This where i often choose water or dragon with water.
As mentioned this mean almost always my Deeplurker will make it in the team.


No modification to the standard gameplay rules and mechanics.

The Lineup


In this case i want to use heavy melee team. Now that i have maxed my Possibilus the Wise i want to use it more :)

Units Lineup


Dumacke Orc (lvl 10)
A bit risky to place this unit in the front 🤞 that my opponent does not use magic. It will receive some extra healt from Possibilus the Wise and Baakjira.

Arkemis the Bear (lvl 7)
In the second position and it can attack from here because os the reach of Possibilus the Wise. Important to weaken the front tank position.

Baakjira (lvl 4)
Strong unit and with the extra health it will take some turn to kill it. It will be start attacking from the second position after Dumacke Orc is killed. Its boosted with 3 melee attack from the weapon training ability of Kulu Mastermind

Kulu Mastermind (lvl 3)
This unit is a important unit in this strategy to boost the Baakjira. With the opportunity it could also have been my number one just prefer the Deeplurker a bit over this unit.

Deeplurker (lvl 10)
Start of this week. In the back to be protected a bit. It will be striking the lowest health unit hopefully poisoning.

River Hellondale (lvl 4)
As mention above this unit is selected for the inspire. I'm using many melee unit so all are boosted with +1 melee attack.

The Battle


Link to the battle:
Link to battle


Start :

Lets analyze the battle lineup. Unfortunately my opponent has chosen some magic units so my Dumacke Orc will be dead quickly.
I will be attacking at the front so all killed can lead to trample so that a bonus for me.
First we need to kill the taunt unit Coeurl Lurker that has a high speed and and phase. when that is killed it think i will have this game.

Round 1:

Many misses on on the Coeurl Lurker Luckily my Arkemis the Bear has hit it so the damage is halved.
Als the torns of Dumacke Orc thorns are very helpful.

Round 2:

Nice trample of the Kulu Mastermind. As mention the game is now over after i killed the Coeurl Lurker
Now my melee unit are just doing to much damage. with the trample it will be a walk over from here.

Round 3:

Victory. In the end round my Deeplurker takes two kills with the trample. Also my Kulu Mastermind has performed a kill and weakened my


There it is opportunity is a great ability to use and Deeplurker just rocks in many games.
I often use to pick on the low health unit.

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That's all for this week hope you enjoyed reading this ability strategy/analysis. See you all on the battlefield.

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