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This week ruleset is the standard ruleset. This is the only ruleset that when it is in play there cannot be a second or third ruleset.
It is somewhat a simple ruleset but it brings us back to the core of the game and card abilities.
This post will therefor be for the somewhat newer players. I assume this is basic information that if you play splinterlands for a while you should already know.

Your first experience in splinterlands is in novice this is the only league where there are no rulesets so all matches are with the standard ruleset.

There are different amounts of rulesets given in each league. The maximum amount of rulesets a player can get depends on what league they are battling in and is shown below:

Novice: 100% “Standard” ruleset
Bronze : 75% chance of 1 ruleset / 25% chance of “Standard” ruleset
Silver : 75% chance of 2 rulesets / 20% chance of 1 ruleset / 5% chance of “Standard” ruleset
Gold+ Tournament Brawl: 75% chance of 3 rulesets / 15% chance of 2 rulesets / 8% chance of 1 ruleset / 2% chance of “Standard” ruleset


No extra abilities/buffs or de-buffs are done. Just that what the summoners and cards provide.

Official ruleset information from splinterlands: List-of-In-Game-Rulesets

Abilities Synergies

It has no special synergies.
In this case this more general, I like the buffs more than de-buff. So with CL I play more often water/fire/life/earth with this ruleset. IMO when you buff (eg. +1 melee attack) your team you are more in control of the battle, with a de-buff (eg. -1 Magic attack) summoner you are depended on what you opponents chooses.


In general this comes down to my opponent previous matches and which splinters are available.

The next tip also more a general approach, I think it is always important to look at what your opponent has chosen previous battles

in this example my opponent has chosen multiple time in row water so there is a higher chance it will pick water again, when possible.

  • Look at the splinter your opponent has played.
  • Look at the level of cards it has for that splinter, this can be done to hover over the splinters.


Because there are no other rulesets in play. It is good to look at some general selection criteria. These can also apply to other ruleset.

Selectio of summoners and monsters are really depended on other factors like:

  • Mana cap
  • What you opponent is often playing
  • What level of cards my opponent is using
  • What cards and level do you own/rent

Currently you need to select 1 summoner and 6 monsters. In the future Matt has hinted there might be a 7th monster coming in the mix.

Lets focus on the placing of the monsters, there are endless combination so what is described below are very basic principals.

Examples for my favorite setups.

Tankdamage dealerdamage dealersupportdamage dealerbackline tank
Tankdamage dealersupportsupportsupportbackline tank
Tankoff tanksupportsupportdamage dealerdamage dealer some protect
Tankoff tanksupportsupportdamage dealerdamage dealer some protect


Here again no obvious cards all cards are useful against opponents and have specific situation where there really shine.
Some general abilities that I dislike are:

  • scattershot , to unpredictable
  • Recharge , monster can be dead before it may strike 😁

Example battles

Click on the image to re-watch the battle

Normally i would have played life or dragon with a 99 mana team. Next in line is then earth or water splinter.


I love to play the double poison in many battles. Both Deeplurker and Uraeus are hitting different targets which has the opportunity to poison two enemies.

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If you have any ideas on how to improve these post or what you like/dislike about it let me known in the comments below.

That's all for this week hope you enjoyed reading this ruleset strategy/analysis. See you all on the battlefield.

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You think about it at first and it sounds silly but the reality is that this ruleset has so many options that you have to think long and hard to send a team that really does a good job.

Very good ideas, thanks for sharing them.




Totally agree, there are so many options to consider including overthinking counter options lol.