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Crypt Beetle this week. Most of time i skip this monster and choose Cursed Windeku also for low mana games.
After watching a youtube video from "Ashley NFT Gaming" @macfillet

I wanted to try-out this strategy, so nice it is battle challenge of this week. I have to be honest it took me for ever to get a low mana game where i could play death. Normally i hate the low mana game and they are there all the time. When you want one you have to wait for it 🤣

I had to drain my ECR further then i normal down to 65%. but i got one battle to try this strategy


Rarity: COMMON
Element: DEATH
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: Shield


Any explorers that delve too deeply into the crypts, mausoleums, and necropolises of the world will find a foe they are unprepared for. Not undead, not liches, and not other monsters that can be found in the deep. Instead, tales are told of the crypt beetles. Enormous insects that are found feeding on the corpses within. Most explorers think they are a mere nuisance and will try to scare them away from whatever tomb they are choosing to rob.

But things don't end well for those explorers. These large beetles will defend themselves and their food aggressively. And any explorer that makes it back out alive will have impressive scars to show from the crypt beetle's bite.

Within the darkness of the necropolis, the large crypt beetle scuttled across the stone floor. It made its way through the lines of tombs, searching for its next meal. Retracing steps it often took in the emptiness and silence of the underground.

The crypt beetle stopped at one tomb, reared back on its hind legs, and shoved the lid off. It fell heavily to the floor with an echoing slam.

A small scream of surprise and horror sounded from across the room. The crypt beetle turned. A human stood there, face aghast, staring at the insect. As the beetle fully faced this intruder, the human turned and ran away in fright.

The crypt beetle returned to its meal.





Equal Oppertunity

All Monsters have the Opportunity ability.

Speed and HP is the trick here: higher speed will let you target enemy's low HP monster first, opening the way for your slower monsters to deal damage to higher HP enemy monsters. Keep lower HP monsters in front. Monsters who have two attack types should always be preferred.


Low mana game
The strategy i wanted to try out is to use in combination with .
Because of the equal opportunity it is important both have at least the equal health else my scavo will be attacked first.

The Lineup:


To be able to play the crypt beetle. I play death often to counter magic not a high change this match but i want to try out the strategy

Monsters Lineup

Crypt Beetle (lvl 3):
This should do the trick today. Reduce damage with low mana games often low damage monster that will not harm me because of the shield. When it is hit first one or two hits are needed to get the shield down to be able to drain my health. In combination with my scavo it might stay alive for the game to survive

Only very weak to magic when that is in play this strategy often does not work.

Corpse Fiend (lvl 1):
Just simple meat shield to protect my crypt and scavo because of the opportunity of my opponent this monster will be hit first.

Scavo Hireling (lvl 3):
He should be protected and constantly add shields to my crypt beetle with his repair.

Silent Sha-vi (lvl 3):
One of the monster i play very often with the death splinter. I like the sneak with nice 3 damage and good enough health to protect the back

The battle


Link to the battle:
Link to battle



Start :
Oke one magic monsters but it should be dead after the first or of second round by my Silent Sha-vi because of the higher speed of my Silent Sha-vi it should take out the life sapper first before my crypt beetle.
Other monsters are 1 melee that won't do any damage because of my shield then the Cursed Windeku will only hit shield. The strategy might work here 😁

Round 1:
Forgot about the opportunity so the life sapper first killed my fiend which is nice.

Round 2:
Because of the shield of my opponent i will take some more time. Both the Carrion Shade and Cursed Slimeball will do no damage it is just a rundown and a waiting game.

Round 3:
just one more shield down and some damage to the Cursed Windeku this will go slowly but very nice to see the strategy working

Rounds 4-7:
Just waiting, it takes a while but a nice win overall.



The strategy of Ashley works nicely and i want to try it more often. Nice to see the constant shield repair.

Something i notice while making this battle challenge capture rate on the battle report, i have not seen it before any of you, was this always there?


That's all folks thanks for reading and see you all on the battlefield


Thanks for tagging me and trying out my strategy! Glad it worked for you! 🙌