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Bronze 3 is man of Focus... Commitment....Sheer will ...something i know very little about, so i started with 40k DEC instead.

I once saw Bronze 3 open a Gold rare with a daily rewards box...with a fxxxing! daily rewards box...

Suddenly one day he asked to leave, is over Silver 3 of course.

So i made a deal with him, i gave an impossible task, a job he couldn't have pull off. The cards he rented that day, laid the foundation of what he is now.

and then my son, a few days before the season end, you cancelled his rent and make him drop his rating...

Bronze 3 will come for you, and you will do nothing, becoz you can do nothing..so get the fxxx out of his side!


For our 1st menu we thought we start you out with a nice plate of pipping hot Bronze 3.

As you start the game, it seems there is so manythings going on and it does takes time to digest. But once you got the hang of what color you like, how to depoy cards according to mana course you will be able to start climbing that rating.

Power, or CP. how in the world you are going to get that CP to increase your rank from Bronze 3 onwards?

  1. If you have friends/refferal/community in Discord that is playing the game and has 1k power to spare, ask if them can delegate those power to you while you earn DEC in Bronze 2. As a token of appreciation you can share some of your rewards to them for helping you out.
  2. If you are using yourself as a refferal, get that 500 credit in to use, get a water and life Venari or some pelacor to help your in your journey.
  3. If you are spending more then 10 usd, might as well spend another 15 usd to buy that 1k power since cards is cheap now.

If you are not looking to spend alot and under 25usd is your cap in this game then your 1st aim should be get yourself to Bronze 2 as soon as you can. Until now the perks you can get is

  1. Bronze 2 has a 20% chance to get a card from common - legendary and even gold foil in you daily and end of season rewards boxes.
  2. Gain DEC from wining match. Not much but it will get the pool started to allow you to rent to silver 3 one day when you have enough of DEC. You can even use that pool to buy cheap but useful cards like Gold foil,1 mana cost cards. Get the Neutral one mana card 1st, Chaos Agent.
  3. Credits is another perk that supprises me. Sometimes i got enough to rent cards, buy cards, and even buy packs. My highest records of credit received from reward boxes is 18k. not bad,right?

Lastly, if you are looking to starting playing this game, try to start a few days before the season ends coz then you can get your 1st end of season rewards soon. This is the only game that lets you start with only 10usd with a lifetime pass to all rides. And the crazy thing is with enough time given we ALL will one day definately meet at silver 3, minimum!

Well , Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day.