10$ can change your life!


"Yeah right?!", I can almost here you say. But hear me out!

That's exactly how much it costs for a new player to buy a spellbook in the SPLINTERLANDS game that will unlock earnings ingame. And earning you will and lots of it. The game went through a major rewards revamp, which led to great opportunity for new players to not only have fun but also earn assets and ingame currency (DEC) that has a soft peg of aroung 1000 DEC equalling aroung a dollar.

But wait there are even more good news! Part of rewards changes were aimed at providing new players with a way to start, without putting additional cost (if they don't want to), so now your spellbook comes with 3000 credits, which is the ammount of 3$, which can be used to purchase in-game assets, or rent them on the market, to help you with the earnings.

But you don't really have to take my word for it. One of the community managers in the splinterlands discord channel - Bulldog went through the trouble of creating a brand new account, only purchasing the spellbook, to test out the potential experience for new players. Do yourself a favor and watch this video! I promise it will be time WELL spent!

Are you still with me? Do you see it? Is the FOMO kicking in? Well, you can go back to your daily activities and/or procrastinate, telling yourself "Well this sounds cool and maybe one day I will give it a shot!" but you will be doing yourself a huge disservice! Time is of the essence and the sooner you take the leap, the sooner you can start building your decks, your fortune, your future life!

Because assets in the game are limited. The more players join, the more scarce the existing assets will become and that will eventually lead to increased rent prices and while the earning possibilities will still be there, you may need to invest personal assets to be able to build a deck which will be competitive. So now is your chance to get in the game while it still flies under the radar and start building your assets, your future!

Since I believe in the saying “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat.” this is the time to advise you to visit the splinterlands official youtube channel where you have 6 great introductionary videos, getting you familiar with the basics and things you need to know to be competitive.

After you feel well prepared and ready to pull the trigger, you can join the game HERE

Additionally on Thursday 9th at 9am PST on my twitch channel I will draw 3 winners amongst everybody who had retweeted the OFFICIAL TWEET for this post with a #splinterlands, mentioned 3 friends and followed the splinterlands main twitter account. The winners will get 1 promo code each, which allows for a free spellbook and they can gift it to a friend of theirs, open up a second account or whatever they please with it.

Once enough I can't stress enough how much is time of the essence! I can promise you one thing, the more you explore the game and the lore, the more you will fall in love with them. And while this is in no way financial advice, it is probably the gentle nudge you need, to start building a brighter future. You can thank me later ;)

And lastly a disclaimer or more like a fair warning: This game is HIGHLY addictive on top of giving you opporunity to earn real money, so proceed with caution!