Best team composition low energy

Hi everyone,

I am very new to this community and I would like to help new players to climb in ranked classification with one of the best teams in low energy.
In my oppinion, Fire element in bronze league and low energy matches, literally rocks

First of all, lets analyze the heroes. PYRE and MALRIC.

Both of all are great alternatives. In my experience and at this low energy matches, Malric +1 Attack buff given to 3 units is better than +1 Speed PYRE. On the other hand, Pyre works better in mirror matches against other Fire rivals.

Then lets present the build up for 12 energy team:

Cerberus - Serpentine Spy - Kobold Miner

  1. Tank - Cerberus - every single point of the 4 energy cost is worth. 5 live, 2 attack, 3 speed and autoheal. Can we ask more?
  2. Serpentine Spy - 2 attack - 3 speed and Opportunity - killing the weakest enemies.
  3. Kobold Miner - 1 attack - 2 life and focusing last rival.

Dont forget that if u choose Malric, the 3 units will get +1 attack!!

How can we improve it to 13?

The answer is simple. Rent an Ooze. For 1,5 DEC per day, this unit will bump up ur composition to a 90% sure victory. Ooze will debuff enemy units with -1 Speed.

14 line up?

Repeat 13.

Good luck in arena battles!


Hi man ! Nice to see new faces posting content, keep it up