Last call on MVP's epic rewards - Revealer


One of my best Twitter accounts is Splinterlands. It keeps me informed about all the important news in the ecosystem and #Hive posting events like a media challenge. In my opinion, those challenges are an incredible way of increasing the pride of being part of this community, as every player shares his/her game experience with others, allowing others to learn about everyone's successes and mistakes. For this one, I bring an in-depth post about an outstanding card of the old reward Chaos Legion rewards set: Revealer! Hope you like it!

Broadcasting for future Splinterlands players


It's 11 pm in Barcelona on our first sunny Spring day. All my family is sleeping now and Splinterlands has performed its magic again. The old beffeater gamer would game hard for a couple of hours and would stand up at 7 o'clock to play with his princess whatever she would like. Now I am losing a couple of sleeping hours not for gaming but for writing about a game. This is insane. So far so true. Not too much clarity in this post. First things first. Some jazz on youtube. This is my first point of receipt. The second one is a database of battles that I religiously keep updated just in case. And then I check my last entry and in the description I made I read: OMG Revealer. Just after rewatching the battle I call to myself: let's do it! As inspiration flows again! Don't tell me you were not warned. One there will be an enormous demand for cards in #Splinterlands. Most of them will be on land working for their land-owners, and some of them will be on the battlegrounds fighting for their summoners. I bought this max-level card 60 days ago for 8 cents per copy. Today is 22. As long as new players come and see what prices we had on these opportunities, we will regret not having bought more copies of him (and this message is valid for tons of cards). So here is the figure of the last call all players still have on revealer, and some points that 22 cents are still a cheap price for his game value:



Stun is always stun. No matter whether we are either playing wild or modern. Untamed (for short weeks in modern) or Chaos Legion. New legendary summoners of Old school ones. Every single creature stunned is a turn that loses, a disruption in your opponent's plan, and a little advantage to yours. Nobody wants to see his Diemonshark / Grund double striking interrupted by such a powerful debuff. And 50% of Revealer's attacks have this effect.


Once Yodin was up to this, Reflecting Shield was an ability that should have come. Blasting damage is one of the most annoying and strong damage sources of the game and if not prevented, will turn 99% of the time to a victory for the player's got it. Revealer is not only immune to this damage source, but he also is to magic reflection. So he never regrets attacking his enemies.


Is your opponent bringing an Angelic Mandarin or a Gobling Psychic to battle to silence Magical creatures? Revealer is immune. Does this annoying Dr. Blight attack you in a last 1v1? Revealer won't suffer poison. Are we in noxious fumes battle condition? Revealer unaffected. These are only 3 examples of how useful is Inmune ability for a creature.


The change of three rulesets for top-tier games, and the addition of such great defensive abilities like Reflecting Shield and Inmunity have turned Revealer into a great option for your army. 4 rulesets make him a must: Explosive Weaponry (to avoid blasting damage), Magic reflection (he is not affected by the reflected damage), noxious fumes (unaffected by poison), and the little league (such great value for 4 mana). His defensive toolkit makes him exceed expectations and surprise in favor of the player who has brought him to battle.

Show me the battles! - a master class in gold foil fray

As the Japanese say, an image is worth a thousand words. I hope this battle figures out all my strong beliefs about this wonderful card. I bring high mana, little league, silenced summoners, and counterspell battle with an outstanding performance of revealer surrounded by a great band. Battleground looked like the figure shows:


  • Both players chose Xenith Monks. Great option in the little league ruleset thanks to his magical resistance and his auto-healing ability. He is melted if melee and ranged are not prevented but always a resilient option.
  • I placed Riftwing second for various reasons. First of all, I was expecting some ranges, because of the Couterspell ruleset. Then I wanted some deads first to trigger scavenging boosting her survivability.
  • My backline with Uraeus and Soul Strangler was engulfed by my opponent in the first rounds and made me feel the worse was to come.
  • Bring amplify always there's a reflecting ruleset. You won't regret it.
  • Finally, take a look at Revealers MVP's performance. He was not affected by magical reflecting damage. And was attacked 3 times by an Acid shooter, being immune to poison. I do hope you enjoy the rest. No words. A certainly lost turn to victory. In the Champion league! battle
Upcoming game updates will create another huge difference between those players who joined the project after or before them. I know for sure that new players will have the same feeling as I had with those who joined the game for the Untamed set or even before. I am so happy playing this game and developing my journey!The best is to come!


Hive - Splinterlands is a great ecosystem to grow in the Crypto world, we are in the best community and we play a game with a solid project and a great future. The only thing we've got to do is believe in the project and fight hard in the arena! Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts.

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