Time to debuff - Death Splinter Inversion planning


Hello everyone! 👻👻👻

As we are getting closer to the day that Modern and Wild format reaches the game and the open sale of Chaos Legion packs arrives, it's time to analyze the game situation and inversion strategies.

I've been watching lots of videos and one of the most interesting is this as follows of @bulldog1205 (I would like to thank all the good work he is doing for the community especially for the new players like me that have to make good decisions),

debuff time

In the video, he shows a great strategy of how a Thaddius Brodd army can stack up to -4 global health to each rival creature (Thaddius, Undead Priest, Death Elemental, and Doctor Blight). To activate Redemption when Life Sapper is killed.

Ok, I won't calculate how much do these combinations cost in top-level wild format. But I can take note of a similar combination in a modern format. The modern format brings the new player the chance of building a good ranked deck with increased liquidity cards. I hope prices will still get down in Chaos Legion editions. At the same time, the edition that I want to take into control is Untamed (liquidity will go drastically down).

One of the most interesting cards in this edition is Death Elemental (which has a lot of synergy with life debuffs and the bonus abilities at level 4 ( Silence) and level 8 (Weaken) make me feel that this card will increase its price (5.6$)


The other card that appears in the battle of the screenshot is the darkest mage:

I discard him right now because the major benefit comes at the final level (7.6$)

Another 2 cards that I will take into account for the next few days will be Undead Badger (1$ approx) - low mana Sneaker always works!

And Dark Astronomer (1,2$) - because of the Shatter at level 4 and Blind at level 8

And you? Are u also as hyped as me with debuffs of Death Splinter? Which is your favorite Modern Splinter?

Do u agree with me that Untamed is an important edition to control for new players like me? Which are your favorite cards?

Let me know!!

Thanks for reading! If you are interested in playing Splinterlands I leave you here a quick guide and my referral lynk