Boosting land survey will burn DEC and DEC-B


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The latest proposal by the community will boost the chance of finding higher rewards in your plot by burning DEC. The proposal looks to specifically charge 10K DEC or DEC-B tokens to boost the rarity of rewards found in plots.

I bought a plot of land a long time ago but sold it for profit and I never looked back. I sold it at a time when it was quite expensive in the market and while not being able to participate in the recent addition to the game, I have no regrets.

The plan was always to buy back the plot at a later date when the price would have probably dropped. Note that I sold my plot at the height of the SPS token pump and it was still a solid decision.

Now that I think about it, I wish I had sold my entire deck back when the pump was stronger, as I would have had a lot more liquid cash now to reinvest into my deck. Alas, we live and we learn.

Anyway, the latest proposal seeks to once again cut down the supply of DEC and push it closer to the desired peg through a burn mechanism. Basically, Splinterlands players will be able to contribute towards achieving the peg and their reward will be higher rarity rewards from surveying their land.

Land could be big

At the time of writing, one plot of land costs around $135 in Hive-engine and looking at that price makes me happy I sold mine long ago. I got at least 6X of the current price when I sold but that is all in the past, as I now have to focus on the future.

The way I see it, the introduction of Land portal in the game only means that there will be development in that aspect of the game. This, in turn, could translate to an increase in demand for plots and getting it early has always been the best way to approach these things.

There's so much about Splinterlands plots that I still don't understand and frankly speaking, I won't bother myself trying to understand it. I'll allow things to progress naturally and pick up the pieces as the days go by.

So, even if I end up buying a plot, which I must add, is expensive at this time, I will still be looking to flip it when the drama starts. New investors will almost certainly end up pumping the value of plot in the coming weeks when there will be further development in plots.

At the time of writing, the proposal hasn't been approved and while it has faced some resistance, there's not much to suggest that it won't be approved by the community. Assuming it does get approved, it means more DEC gets burnt in the process, so maybe you should keep an eye on that token.

At the same time, if you have an interest in owning a plot or more, you should be looking to get some now that it's still cheap. There's palpable excitement about lands in the game as it heralds the expansion and I reckon we'll start seeing crazy numbers in the market soon.

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