Discount Leo, Cub, and Monsters but DEC is still pumping?



I just checked the market and looked at my priority assets and it doesn't make for good reading if you were thinking about pulling out some and converting to fiat. The dollar valuation of a lot of assets is going down the toilet.

If you're looking to buy though, I think this is a good time. The problem is, the market is still in the knee-jerk phase so it's hard to tell whether it will go down or up.

I don't think we're in the proper four-year bear market yet because assets haven't really hit rock bottom. When that time comes, we'll know. Make sure you've piled up a decent amount of USDT to take advantage.

Back to the matter

Anyway, the way things are right now, if I was a gambling man, I'd load up on many assets that have been dumping hard. For me though, it's not about gambling but more about investing in projects, and right now, my priority projects are SPlinterlands, Leo, and of course, Cubfinance.

Each of them has been affected by this dump in one way or the other. The question is, what do you do when the market hits so hard?

What can I do with my Leo?

For Leo, I've just been stacking some from my post rewards and have no intention to sell anytime soon. I just want to hold a decent amount of the tokens liquid, so in case of any pump.

Honestly speaking though, it doesn't seem like there's any pump in sight. In fact, lately, there's been a lot of dumping going on in the Leo side of town.

Both Leo and Cub have been steadily going down the toilet. Leo has hit a floor of around $0.17 and Cub is still sinking.

It's very difficult to be optimistic when things look as they are but technically speaking, I'm still in a much better position than I was in the not-so-distant past, so I can't complain too much.

Sometimes, I convince myself that the Leo team has this massive announcement in the background that will blow everyone's mind away and will massively increase the demand for Leo and Cub tokens.

For now, though, the best thing you can do is accumulate, stake, and just participate in governance. I know that's exactly what I'm going to do real soon, I just need to pull the trigger and stop dithering.

Monsters got cheaper

There's always so much activity on the SPlinterlands side of town, it's getting kind of difficult to track. However, I always try to stay on top of things.

I already discussed the latest developments with SPS, Chaos legion and a bunch of other stuff in my previous post. Today though, I just want to talk about my observation in the card market.

I don't know if others do it but I like to check my deck value from time to time. I consider it to be therapy because knowing that I have assets worth that much is very reassuring.

Just yesterday, I checked the value of my deck and I noticed my monsters have dropped in value. This coincided with a pump in the value of DEC.

So, again, it all depends on how you look at it. If you're looking to add monsters to your deck, this is a good time to start stacking them.

Again, it's hard to tell where the market goes from here but I suspect it's going to be up. However, don't take my word for it, do your own research.

What I'm saying is that it's all based on your intentions and what you feel like achieving with your decision. For me, I'm more focused on SPS tokens right now and my gut tells me to go hard there, so I'll probably sell off a lot more cards.

I'll buy them back or just survive on the new sets of cards coming through for battles. They'll be much cheaper and offer a lot of similar abilities anyway.

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Truth is, I'm still stacking Leo, the price has been plummeting like you said, but then why not? The fact that it's a futuristic investment makes me just chill. But then it can till sting to see it going down.

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