End of season and soul bound reward cards



My end of season reward turned out to be a tad bit more underwhelming than I thought it would be. I didn't get nearly as many reward monsters that I hoped for and for the most part, I earned SPS tokens.

At the end of the day, reward is reward, so I'm generally grateful but even the SPS I received was rather underwhelming. In any case, it dives straight into my collection and just as always, I'll go back to waiting for the pump.

I always hope my luck will shine through at the end of every season but for some reason, I always fall short. It's a rather annoying situation because my feelings get hurt but that's just the emotional part of me.

In reality, I'm aware of the fact that it is all random, and while there are percentages, it is still down to probability. They didn't exactly work in my favour this season but there's nothing stopping it from working in my favour next season.

Soul Bound rewards

Prior to claiming my seasonal reward chests, I claimed my daily quest reward and I found something rather interesting in my collection. Out of the five chests in my collection, there were two chests that housed two soul bound assets each.

These new soul bound assets were created as a result of the approval of one of the more recent SPlinterlands proposals. This actually highlights the power of the community and the DAO, as it shows that we can actually implement changes with our SPS stake.

Anyway, the monsters I received weren't exactly anything out of the ordinary, as they are common monsters that would probably cost a couple of cents if they were on the market. In any case, they look like they have real battle proficiency and will make an impact on the outcome of my battles.

I must admit that I wasn't exactly sold on the idea of soul bound assets in ranked play. In fatm even right now, I'm still skeptical but hey, I won't say no to shiny new toys entering my Arsenal, and that's all there is to it.

Assuming you get bored of the soul bond monsters though, you can always just burn them for DEC. It is far from ideal but at least that will simulate the feeling that comes from selling your assets, when you decide to.

Anyway, I earned more SPS and most of it will be staked but not in the way you'd expect. In my next publication, I'll detail what I intend to do with some of my SPS token, as I try to navigate the gruelling state of the market.

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