Snapshot, rebound and Polycub coming soon



Lately, I've been sleeping a bit more than usual because of the weather. This time of the year is really cold, so it helps me sleep but while I slept, the crypto market didn't.

I woke up to a depleted hive wallet caused by some level of sell-offs that happened in the market.

I believe this is just hive responding to the general feeling in the market.

Generally speaking, there's fear in the atmosphere. Due to that fear, people aren't exactly looking to invest in crypto.

Hive held its ground for a while yesterday but it inevitably crumbled as expected after the Ragnarok and Larynx token snapshots were completed.

I would have preferred if there wasn't any drop in the first place but at least the drop wasn't so bad.

All I hope now is that hive and affiliate assets hold their ground in the midst of the storm.

Bearish but there's hope

Life doesn't seem so rosy these days, as the value of assets continues to plummet. In the crypto market, the colour red has a negative influence on the psyche of the general market.

Even for long-term hodlers that are still in the green, seeing red doesn't just feel good because it makes them evaluate their plans.

It's human nature to feel fear and anxiety over your decisions. No matter how self-confident you are in your decisions, self-doubt and negativity can creep in when things are going in the wrong direction.

In the midst of that, there's still hope for the future and it's evident in the numbers we're seeing.

I am not grounded in the ways of the traders, but the simple principles that guide me have been solid over the years.

I like to take things into perspective and I want my space to be a place where people can come in, then say "oh wait, it's bad but it's not that bad".

So, while we're here, lets all remember that we're referring to $42k Bitcoin is bearish and $1.4 hive as an indicator of fear. If that ain't progress, I don't know what it.

The question now is can we drop further and when is the best time to enter the market. If was a trading man, I'd DCA into an asset that interests me and then hold it.

The noise is blinding

There's so much chaos and panic over the market. Every time something happens in the crypto market, there seems to be a high level of overreaction.

If you focus too much on what is being said and not what is in front of you, you'll go off track. Reality is much brighter than the bears claim. In fact, I dare say that they just want weak hands to dump, so they can pick up cheap assets in the market.

This isn't even me trying to be optimistic or anything, I'm speaking from experience. Nothing we're experiencing right now is new in the crypto market.

This is not the first time that people are claiming Bitcoin will go to zero or that we're on course to experiencing the worst bear market in the history of crypto.

The amount of dollars in the system has grown by many folds, so percentages of previous years would lead to dramatic figures in today's numbers. What I mean is that in the past, a 1% move could hypothetically amount to $20m being liquidated but today, that same percentage could be $200m.

It sounds worse on paper but in reality, it's an indictment of the dollar and not the crypto industry. The industry grows stronger by the day, evident in the fact that billions of dollars flow in and out every day and it's just water on the back of a fish.

Polycub is something positive

In the midst of all the chaos, we also have the polycub airdrop in the pipes. The Leo team has started shilling it actively on Twitter and details are slowly rolling out.

The good news is coming at a time when there have been rumours about Matic having problems and suffering due to network congestion. Alas, I don't get bothered by the noise and just want to focus on growth.

Anyway, if we're to take what the leo team said verbatim, then it's safe to say that there will be a Pcub/USDC pool. Getting in super early is the best way to get the most out of that pool.

At the early stage there will be high demand for Polycub because of the high APR, so that means one has to get the most Pcub he can get. To do that, I have to increase my current cub holding.

I feel like I'm doing okay but I really want more. At the same time, I can't be too impatient, so I have to bide my time.

So much to do with so little money and time

Getting in more Cub is a very important venture for me but at the same time, I also have SPlinterlands on my mind. My plan to buy 250 packs and get 25 bonus packs got a major boost when I found out that I receive 0.6 vouchers per day.

If I stay within this range, I'll have enough vouchers for the 25 bonus packs. However, I don't think I'll have enough vouchers for the next 250 packs I purchase.

14 million packs are quite a lot of packs if we're keeping it real. Then beyond that, we also have Riftwatchers coming through as well.

Well, the good thing is that the number of people joining hive through
Splinterlands are constantly rising, so I like to think there's latent demand for the monsters and packs in the future.

With just over 6 days left until the Chaos Legion general sale starts, I've been gathering my thoughts and mentally preparing myself for different scenarios.

These days, the amount of competition in the game is insane, so I think the general sale and the millions of monsters injected into the game will all do well.

Yesterday, my deck of cards still in my possession worth about 20k collection power actually lost a battle in BRONZE 3 league. That's really incredible when you think about it.

If the quality of monsters and brawlers in the lower leagues are up to this level, then I reckon we're in for something special in the years to come.

I also noticed that the rental market hasn't been as lucrative as it used to be in the past. Other than the end of the season when people try to climb up the league, I hardly get any patronage.

Perhaps I will reduce the price of my rentals or maybe I just go back to battles. I must admit, I miss Splinterlands battles and I also hate getting beat up in these lower leagues.

Anyway, the point is that there's just so much to think about and invest in, but resources and time are limited. I'll just try to compartmentalize and handle them one at a time.

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I am really excited about PolyCub too. These new teases by Khal in the Discord chat are really exciting.

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Time to start thinking about buying some more assets 😁