This is why we need a market data tracker in GLG



I know we're still in the developmental stage but it is very frustrating that I can't simply know which of my cards got sold. All I can do is accept that my asset has been taken off the market and I also have to accept that the right price was paid for it.

Now, I know that there is probably a way to find out where the card went on a blockchain level but that's a very stressful route. It is also a route that requires some technical know-how that most people will not necessarily have, even though we all know what to do theoretically.

I'm sure there's nothing shady going on in the background since the sales are pretty much done with smart contracts that trigger immediately the required crypto is used to pay for the NFTs. However, as I said, it is still tedious that there's no simple way to see which assets are sold and this could lead to a couple of issues.

For me, the biggest issue is not being able to easily track my sales and make a plan based on the trading activities in the game. It is nice that the sales go through and all but how am I supposed to develop a market strategy when I don't even know what is selling?

We need a tracker

Now I know third-party applications could easily fix this problem in the way Peakmonsters has made life easier for Splinterlands players but prior to them, there was a simple tracker on your Splinterlands page.

It used to be a tab in the drop-down menu called "transactions" but since the addition of SPS and numerous other tokens, it was remodelled to "currency activity". All it did in Splinterlands was give you information about the ins and outs in your wallet.

I like to think that while running a massive project is not an easy feat, a feature like "currency activity" can be added to the GLS or GLG page. It would simply tell people which of their assets were bought and how much was paid for it.

A simple feature like that could actually go a long way in improving the user experience of the platform and that in turn could lead to an increase in the volume of transactions in the GLG marketplace.

From the developers' point of view, I reckon that simply putting resources towards fixing just one small issue might not exactly be economical when they could just roll out the feature when the test versions of Genesis League Goals rolls out. In any case, despite being a small issue, it is still a major discomfort and something that needs to be addressed.

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