Twitter and Tik Tok to verify NFT art but what about gamers?



As NFTs continue to gain mainstream appeal, the technology will eventually become a part of our everyday lives. Different people and companies will adopt the technology, and that's exactly the case with TikTok and Twitter's new move.

In a publication that I found rather interesting, it said that Twitter and TikTok will be delving into the NFT industry.

As you may recall, there has already been a third-party introduction of NFT into Twitter through that platform that enables people to tokenised and sell their tweets.

That particular concept died an organic death and rightly so because it broke the bullshit scale. With that said though, in the crypto industry, there will always be someone laundering money, so watch out for more sold tweets.

Verified NFTs

Anyway, according to the publication, the problem is the way people just copy and paste other people's digital artwork.

Due to this particular action, it's difficult to identify the original owners of the NFTs that are sold.

So Twitter and TikTok have decided that they'll create a portal that enables the original owners to verify their NFTs. This way, we're going to know the rich guys that are buying those expensive ass NFTs.

For the companies though, it's not about the show of wealth but more about the basic principle. It's my shit and as such, everybody should be able to know it's mine.

Yeah, there's proof on the blockchain with my anonymous wallet but that's not enough. So they introduce a means to verify NFTs on their social network.

NFTs all over the place

Ethereum has the biggest NFT market in the area. So it's only natural that it'll be the main focus.

However, there are other blockchains with an NFT market and if you love the tech, why not do some research to include them? Inclusivity is a big deal these days you know?

Anyway, another thing about it is that this move is only about people who own NFT art. To date, NFT art is still the highest-grossing department of the technology, so it often gets more attention.

NFT gaming follows behind and it's the one with more potential. However, I've often said that my main problem with blockchain gaming is that they focus on the blockchain part and not the gaming part but at least Splinterlands is making strides in the gaming part.

I think on top of verifying NFT art owners, Twitter and TikTok could take this a step further by verifying NFT gamers.

There are a number of people who stream regularly on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms. Those people get good numbers and they should be verified as well.

The thing is, people like that blue tick, it's a symbol of respect, and including it in the profile of NFT gamers would invariably add to the number of people that hear about the game.

For example, a Splinterlands player like @clove71, who is also one of the top 100 players of the game and streams on Twitch, as well as makes TikTok videos that she tweets about should be a verified account on Twitter and TikTok.

That blue tick on the profile of someone that reps Splinterlands would be really good publicity for the game and Hive blockchain as a whole.

It's a long shot

At the end of the day, all roads lead to Ethereum because interest always moves where the money resides.

People like Beeple and all the other NFT creators on Ethereum are raking millions of dollars from their work, and that's not something to scoff at.

Most of the focus and developments will focus on Ethereum for now. However, it'll be a nice gesture, and show of faith by Twitter and TikTok if they eventually expand their nets to gamers on Hive and other blockchains as well.

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Very interesting post! It will be interesting to see what Twitter does! Thank you so much for sharing this! Splinterlands' NFTs can be a part of this for sure!