Will we burn Rift Watchers?


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Rift Watchers is a relatively new mini collection that has been on sale in Splinterlands for a while now. Unlike chaos Legion packs that requires one million units sold, the threshold to release a new airdrop is 500K gems.

Also, unlike Chaos legion packs that have a seemingly unlimited supply, there will be a total of 3 million Rift Watcher gems sold. Relatively speaking, there will be much fewer RW gems in circulation compared to Chaos Legion packs, meaning the assets in the gems will also have that underlying exclusivity that'll make you feel special for owning them.

The pace of Rift Watcher sales has been, marginally faster than that of Chaos Legion packs and while that sounds nice on the surface, it isn't really much to celebrate. In fact, for the most part, the pace of sale has been largely underwhelming and it is no fault of the Splinterlands ecosystem.

The simple fact is that the state of the wider crypto market has had a detrimental effect on Splinterlands investors. Most of the deeper pockets aren't exactly excited about dipping into their resources at a time when the market could hit a downturn at any point.

Lets face it, when you're staring down the barrel of an existential crisis, holding in-game NFTs will be the last thing on your mind. Investors will rightly be looking into ways that they can improve their position or maybe just sit on their hands while waiting out the bears.

In any case, this means that while there is some level of excitement because of Rift Watchers, we're probably not going to experience fast pace sweeping sales that usually characterise special mini collections.

Rift Watchers Burning

The proposal to burn Chaos Legion packs looks set to be passed but there's still a lot of time for things to change. I have a feeling that if things don't change in the crypto market then Rift Watcher gems will take a similar route in the coming months.

Right now, there have already been around 163m worth of SPS votes for the Chaos Legion burning proposal, and looking at the other passed proposals, there's probably going to be around 30m-40m more SPS votes coming in. Meaning the CL proposal is most likely going to be approved and if that happens, I reckon the community will develop a thing for burning packs.

If the crypto market doesn't sort out its feet, Rift Watchers will go down the same route with Chaos Legion packs and with the newfound ability to burn packs with proposal still on the minds of Splinterlands investors, I suspect Rift Watchers gems will also get burned.

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