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Hello friends, how are you?

Today I will share my strategy to finish the last season in the Silver III league and thus gain access to a larger amount of chests with better prizes at the end of the season.

We will talk about how I got to such a league, what the costs involved in this operation were and what the results were.

So here we go.


First of all it is public knowledge that in addition to rating, you need power to advance between leagues, and the SILVER league has a minimum floor of 15,000 power.

Without enough power you will not advance to the next league, and the rating can increase without limits, since it depends only on your victories, but you will be "locked" in the same league without access to more chests, better prizes and even more dark energy crystal with each victory.

So, as I have, by default, only a small amount of power from the cards I have earned in these approximately seventy-five days of play, I had to go to the market to invest in enough rents to reach the power of the silver league.

First of all we must keep in mind that the system of renting cards has undergone several inconsistencies in recent days, which made it difficult and complex the act of renting the cards manually through the site of the game itself.

Thus, through research and tips from some friends, I started to use Peakmonsters.com and its "CP BID" tool to facilitate this exchange procedure.

I will talk about this tool in a more specific and complex way in another post, since it requires a detailed explanation of its amazing features.

Anyway, in summary, through CP BID you indicate how much of minimum and maximum power you want to rent and how much you would be willing to pay proportionally for these, and after that the site does all the service for you, searching the market for cards with the best cost within the options you chose.


Well, using the tool described above, the following cards were rented, 4 of them being regular cards:


And a GOLD card:


Below I indicate the daily rental value of each card and the amount of power granted by each one:


So, using the CP BID tool from Peakmonsters.com I rented a total of 11200 power for 51,3 DEC per day, paying, on average, 218,32 of power for each DEC applied.

I found this value very reasonable considering that, with this, I could increase my league and have the chance to open 12 chests, and that a good card with high market value could come along and pay, with plenty, the value invested.


Once my strategy is explained and the amount of money I spent to reach the silver league is presented, let's see which chests I could open at the end of the season:


As you can see the prizes were as follows

-2 Legendary Potions
-18 Dark Energy Crystals.
-1 "Pelacor Bandit" whose market value is $0.18 each
-3 "Pelacor Mercenary" whose market value is $0,22 each
-2 "Pelacor Deceiver" whose market value is $0.17 each
-1 "Gargoya Lion" whose market value is $0.17 each
-1 "Exploding Rats" whose market value is $0.68 each

The cards, in market value, amounted to a total of $2.03, which is not much for an end of season, and the total invested for 2 days rental, in this case 102 DEC, reaches the approximate market amount of $1.10.

So, even though the cards that came in the trunks were not very good, being that I have never been lucky enough to receive a gold, the investment to move up in league was paid off, and the best of all is "running the risk" of having the chance to have an amazing card come to use in my game.

Finally, what I can say is that I intend to adopt this strategy in the next seasons, in case something doesn't change or the rentals become too expensive, until I have enough power to stay close to the silver league without the need to rent cards just to gain power.



If you haven't started playing Splinterlands yet click on the link (https://splinterlands.com?ref=bernardinetti) and get started now

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All the pictures were taken by me
The images used in this post were made by me
Translated with the help of www.deepl.com


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