Almo Canbio Showcase


I made a showcase video for Almo Canbio.

Here is the youtube video link:

Almo Canbio is a great legendary monster. It has a tons of health and defensive ability. It only lacks Shield ability. But its speed is very high so a lots of physical attack will miss on him. I think Almo Canbio is counterpart of Lord Arianthus that has Shield, Void, Magic Reflect and Thorns ability. Almo Canbio has Immunity, Phase, Return Fire and Magic Reflect ability. Lord Arianthus is weak against ranged damage attackers but Almo Canbio is weak against melee damage attacker with high speed.

Column 1Column 2
This monster is immune to negative status effects
Magic attack can miss this Monster (using the same hit/miss calculation as for Melee and Ranged attacks)

There are 8 monsters that has Immunity ability. There are also 6 cards that has the Phase ability.

It has no ability to attack so its worst enemy is the cards with Oppress ability. Because they can deal double damage to him.
Another enemy is high damage melee attackers with high speed. The cards with Enrage ability are danger to him. They can deal him with a heavy blow.

This can can outperform very well with Kitty because Kitty can support this cards with speed and Tank Heal ability.

Known Weakness
If you think you opponent is going to choose Almo Canbio you should have a monster with Oppress ability in your team. Or you can also consider a melee monster with Enrage ability. Magnor or The Kraken is the best for this purpose.


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