Buying a few more SPL cards and strengthing my account

Buying cards are not something we can not avoid in SPL because every player can not have all the cards they need so they have to sell some kind of cards and also have to buy some kind of cards. The player who got everthing by only buying packs would be too rich but they still need to sell or rent some of the card they did not need.


Cards NameQuantityNormal Foil and Gold FoilCurrent Level
Dhampir Infiltrator13Gold Foil4
Forgotten One3Normal Foil3
Venari Scout1Gold Foil4
Crypt Beetle15Gold Foil5
Ever-Hungry Skull9Gold Foil6
Silent Sha-vi3Gold Foil5
Stitch Leech4Gold Foil5
Grund1Normal Foil2
Pelacor Arbalest5Normal Foil3
Celestial Harpy4Gold Foil4

I will buy cards if the price is affordable. I will wait and collect money until I can buy it if the price is too high. So I will buy cards with cheap price instead of buying expensive one.

I want to get gold foil if the price are affordable I will try gold foil cards. It is because it has higher cp and also I can get bonus from playing ranked battle. The more gold foil cards mean the more rewards.

I spent a lots of DEC I did no make a sum for this shoppong. I am too lazy to sum up.

THanks for reading my post.

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