My first Saturday Support Mission



I have reached to Lvl 16 currenly so I can do Saturday Support mission.

I have got 930 starbits and additional 10 star bits to finish first Saturday Support mission. It is very long to screenshot entire I cut only the important portion.


Below are the some of my statistics:

Illegal Busking35
Open Mic night47
Midweek Support22
Licensed Busking8
Midweek Headline Slot13
Saturday Support1
Saturday Headline0
Radio Interview0
Radio Studio Session0
Shopping Mall Performance0
Record A Demo0
Local Festival Acoustic Tent0
Band Auditions0
Band Rehearsal0
Full Band Support0
Full Band Headline0
County Festival Auditions0
County Festival Gig0
County Tour0
Manager Interview0
Rap Battle0
Country Support Tour0
Country Festival Auditions0
Breakout Stage0
Band Rehearsal 20
Country Tour0
Country Festival0
Hire a Road Crew0
Battlegames Friday Gig0
PIXEL Cover Shoot0
Guitar Fair0
Production Fair0
Drum Fair0
GIFT Charity Gig1
Play For BEER0
Summer Solstice Festival0
STARBITS Millionaire0
Basic Singing Lesson4
Guitar Lesson7
Orchestral Lesson0
Production Lesson0
Piano Lesson0
Drum Lesson0
Road Crew Lesson0

I have a lot of fans and a lot of skill so I only need level to make a mission. This is good for me and I don't need to wait to fulfill the requirements. I hope to do Saturday Headline when I reach lvl 20. So it may take 3 to 4 days to reach lvl 20 I think.


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