Crypto Gaming and Investment: Why Splinterlands Is a Must-Try

Hello Splinterlands players, how are you, I hope your week and the season is going well like mine are going, I am enjoying playing a lot these days, to tell you the truth, maybe the rewards are good, then I feel like playing even more. By the way, it has been a long time since I have been playing this game. There are many old players here who are very professional in this game and are also very popular because everyone knows them from the beginning, they know how they play, if you are not in the scheme, then you can see the battle strategy of old players who are often seen in the top ranking, how they play, which cards they use and many more things, like if you are in blockchain, then everything is transparent here, you can see anything, I sometimes see the bottles of top players and get to learn a lot from them because they have much better knowledge than us. We should take knowledge from wherever we get it. I have taken this line from a very famous Bollywood movie named 3 Idiots 😬.


I have spoken a lot about this game because many of us have invested in this scheme for many years and also invest everywhere. I also keep investing here on time. In the last season, I also got very good rewards from the scholar account. Last season, I got around 350 SPS in rewards and this is much more than before and I am hoping that this time it will be even more. And a few days ago, I bought around 700 SPS and now I have 7k SPS staked. This has made a little difference in the rewards but not that much and now I will try my best to keep increasing my stats gradually. This time, from the rewards that came in my season, I have bought rare cards. The rewards were not that good but still I am happy that I have added some more cards to my deck.

Yes, the market situation is a little serious right now because you can see that Hive and other crypto assets have been making their mark for the last few weeks. Seeing all this, I am getting a little nervous but I am confident that everything will be fine after some time and marriage is right now, it is also important that there should be some positivity in life too much negativity is also not good for life. Taking anything in excess is not good, so I keep balancing both things, neither am I too positive nor am I too negative. If you have not started this game yet, then it is not too late because the market is very down right now, so this is a very good opportunity to enter here, you can get very good returns by investing a little here. Yes, you must understand the fundamentals of the game. If you are a player entering the game, then if you are an investor who likes this game, then it is a different matter.


You do not need to understand the game much. You just have to invest in SPS and other cards as an investment. If you invest in SPS, then you have to stake it, so that you will keep getting 13% APR and if you are investing in cards, then you should rent it out so that you keep generating passive income. There are many other ways of earning here, but to be honest, I do not have much idea about things, so I will not write about those things. I keep sharing as much as I know with all of you and gradually I am increasing my knowledge. I hope that shortly, I will be able to share more things with you about this game.

Although this game is the most played game on the Hive blockchain and there are a lot of active players here who play regularly and share their content if you follow any good players, then I hope you get a chance to know many of their strategies and by doing this we learn a lot and we keep moving forward like this. To be honest, you do not need to be afraid of these small ups and downs, you should take a long-term prospect in your video and I hope that shortly you will feel proud of your investment and decision.


I am sure there are a lot of things through which you can earn here but the easiest and best way is to play and if you spend time in this game then you get a lot of opportunities here and remember to win, the more you will practice the better you will become in this game because experience comes only after practicing, you can learn things just by seeing or hearing something, you will never understand it until you try it, you keep thinking which cards to use, which abilities' card should I choose, where should I keep the positioning of the card, all this You get some time to think about things and you have to take all these decisions and the result you get depends on that.

Yes, it is going to take some time for you to understand things because this game is a little different if you have not played such games before, then all these things may not be for you and may be a little different, but if you want, you can learn as I learned, I do not like gaming the most, but I like this game a lot and I give as much time as I can to it, sometimes I lose, then you can take a break for a while and then try again, I often lose, I take a break for a few hours and then when I try the next time, it becomes easier to win because a person does not think the same way all the time, the way you think, you will not think the same way, some difference comes in our thinking, just like this you also try and keep enjoying the game, that's all for today, I will meet you in the next post until then keep batting and keep learning.

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i few years ago this will be true but today splinterlands it a waste of time :D


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