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Silver1 again🎉🤑🥳


It's almost the end of another season and guys I am on currently sitting at Silver 1 once again. I am sure some might be wondering yeah so what? Well it's exciting for me considering how long I have stayed at the bottom. The battles have been tough, infact at a point I resulted to stop so I don't spoil the progress so far. Offcourse I had help from my very good friend of 6years @valchiz and I am grateful each day that I know him.


In previous seasons I have been sticking my basic cards but when my friend showed me which way to go, it has been a fun although challenging ride as well. I leveled up some of my cards, a few summoners and rented more super cards.
Cards like :

Sea monster

And its amazing melee ability to reduce the opponents health by 5. That's incredible especially when placed first in the front row.

Another interesting bad boy is the

Sand worm

And although it's health level is 6 and it's still in the first level I love it's ability to reduce opponents health by a whooping 6

Next are Nectar Queen and Wave runner


With Nectar Queens increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have the Flying ability and Wave runners reach ability may attack from the second position on the team they are a great addition to my team

These cards are just a few of those I rented but they helped increases my power on the game to 10k+ and that's been helpful although exposed me to even more experienced opponents. I won't stop trying to climb up the league and I do hope you haven't given up either.
Great news about Splinterlands partnering with Warner Music Group 🥳🥳🥳


This is definitely going to help the Splinterlands community reach more people and also rise on the international charts. If you are yet to join Splinterlands this is another strong reason to join.
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Welcome to the Splinterlands family 🔥🎉🤑🔥