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Hello Splinterlands community


It's been a while and yeah we are moving closer to the end of another season. This week has been real busy for me, moved down to Ondo city where I will be serving the father land and I have been busy trying to settle down. I finally was able to find a few minutes and I thought I must hop on the social media challenge this week. 🦾🦾


As you know I can be very peculiar about finding the right low mana cap formation and believe me I have stumbled on another formation as well. Under the summoner Kelya Frendul


Line Up (mana cap 14)

1) Albatross -1
2) Hardystonefish-1
3)Ice pixie-2
4) deep luker-6


If I am to rate this low mana cap formation with others I'll say this is even more stronger than Thaddeus Blood formation with cursed Windeku, undead badger and life sapper. When you watch the battle using the link you'll see just how powerful the Ice pixie is with the albatross and Hardystonefish😱😱😱

Here is the link to the battle;

And if you are yet to join the Splinterlands family you are not too late. By clicking on this link you will be directed on how to register and start playing.🥳🥳


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