AI Taking Over Art


AI Taking Over Art

A rather heated battle has been coming up lately between AI generated artwork and human generated artwork. What sparked this was a AI winning a recent competition at the Colorado State Fair's fire arts competition.

We have seen this happen time and time again where people losing jobs and their value by being replaced by machines sparks a heated debate and backlash from those affected by it. It's understandable because that's your lively hood and to try and do something else leads to a lot of unknowns, work and uncertainty all things that lead people to the dark side.

Current AI Platforms

Artwork platforms have started to really heat up and I have a feeling more will be entereing soon enough. IN most cases the ones you hear about will be...









Personally over all of them I've been enjoying nightcafe the most lately and been able to create some rather cool artwork with them.

In fact one of the recent examples of AI taking over jobs and making things more efficient would be a upcoming game on the Hive blockchain called Ragnarok. Ragnarok is exploring and will most likely use some if not all AI generated artwork for it's game which you can read in their update here. Ragnarok Update

AI generated artwork seems to mainly combine a lot of existing aspects that are currently out there and morph them together into a new version of something. Does that make AI self aware or does it still just make it an algo that's doing whatever a human has programmed it to do? Is it actully creating new artwork? Yes but is it creating it from it's own mind and interpretation? I don't think so at least not yet and when it does most of those images I suspect wont even make much sense to humans.

My Thoughts

AI is decent at the moment however it already needs some type of existing artwork of understanding in order to morph and create something. It's not to the level where it's actully creating something truly unique it's just taking what humans have named and envisioned things and then trying to build alterations on top of it.

It's not that advanced but it does offer up some creative new ideas and also creative new artwork that could be used in itself or a baseline that a artist could work from. It could spark new ideas and new images that lead into a story and overall grand vision but it still needs that human factor behind it.

I don't see it replacing jobs at least not yet instead I see it as an assist to helping develop things faster and creating start points for huge possibilities. Have you even seen the amount of time a artist spends on creating NFT cards etc it's legit nutz and is such a huge time and money factor for some companies.

Does It Matter?

The question is would you care if AI created some if not all of your AI artwork in a NFT game? Would it still hold as much value? As long as it looks cool and awesome does the demand for it not still remain no matter who created it?

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