Gaming Cryptos Rally Ahead Of Everything Else


Gaming Cryptos Rally Ahead Of Everything Else

If there's one thing people love doing it's playing games. The recent trash that has been coming out for big names however has greatly opened up the adoption of crypto based games such as Axie, Splinterlands, Sandbox, Mana and many others.

The Advantages Of Crypto Gaming

Gaming in crypto has many advantages over traditional gaming. The biggest of which is asset ownership where the items you craft, harvest and buy are yours and then can in most cases be freely traded with others. This type of asset ownership is huge. Would you love it if Fortnite for example the outfits etc you bought where NFTs and could be sent to a friend or rented out or even sold on a marketplace? Instead what you have are assets that really are nothing. They sit on that account and if you get banned all of those assets are forfeit or any other number of reasons for lossing those assets. Ownership would also allow you to move it from one account to another so if you wanted to change your in game name you could while moving over all your assets.

You know all those resources you mine in new world? What if that market place was really crypto and not some fake made up currency. The same exact principles would apply however you'd be earning and owning a real blockchain asset. To me that is extremely powerful and 2023 is going to be another huge year for gaming. In fact many of the games I thought that would be released last year ended up getting delayed etc to this year. To be fair that's pretty common in the gaming space and development where games get delayed etc.


CoinGecko has a really cool feature that tracks just Play To Earn Assets. You can view it here CoinGecko Play To Earn Tokens as we can see these assets over the last 7 days and in particular last 24 hours have been on a huge rally while the rest of the market has been selling or rather stagnate. It's almost like that underlying asset class that sneaked up on you during an explosive rally.

Take Axie AXS for instance. Now up 33% in the last 7 days and 30% in the last 24 hours.

The Sandbox SAND up 11% in the last 7 days and 7.4% in just the last 24 hours.

Even though Splinterlands asset of SPS has fallen like a rock and most likely will stay low for a while it still places rather high on the list of Play2earn games with real asset value. I'm sure with some changes we will see SPS start to rally again and I expect those within the next 1-3 months or at max 6 months.


GameFi is also going to start to become a major player in the gaming space. Not only will you have players but you now have a mix of sponsors, supporters, investors, marketers and so much more and what's really crazy is you really don't have to run any of this like a business. Your players are your best marketers and I think Splinterlands has clearly seen that over the last few years. Also a bull market and a focus on Play To Earn games didn't hurt either lol.

What are you thoughts on the game space? Do you seem a mega rally and a lot of big popular games coming out of the space in 2023? or do you see disappointment? I'm curious to hear your views in the comments below.

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Good signs, hopefully also the gaming space from Hive will lift off.