Just 12 Days Till PURE CHAOS


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Just 12 Days Till PURE CHAOS

Play to earn is a hot topic still with Axie Infinity hitting all new levels up hype and funding to further expand their gaming projects showcases some of the best aspects of crypto and the blockchain.

In just 12 days a game called Splinterlands will be prereleasing their new packs called Chaos packs. The only way to get these packs will be through vouchers and those vouchers will ONLY be released to people who are staking SPS.


Just how much SPS are you going to need to get a voucher?

Well on this website you can check just how many vouchers and how many SPS tokens you'll need.

At the moment per voucher is roughly 1 voucher per ever 3,375 SPS staked. That number will most likely increase rapidly once we get closer to the drop. Buy supplies of SPS are running low. In fact more than 50% of all SPS is now staked and only 116 million are liquid. In two weeks you won't have to worry about more liquid sps hitting the markets as it takes a full one month to unstake SPS at the rate of 25% per week.

Other Factors

SPS earns in a number of ways and you can check them all out on the whitepaper here


Just check under the Airdrop and Play to Earn & Reward Pools sections for full details on this. Right now only some not all of these aspects have been added into the game. The biggest we are waiting for is the drop of SPS from ranked battles and how that will be included. That's another 7.5 million SPS per month to be dropped from this method so it's going to be interesting what happens to the price of SPS once ALL factors are dropping their SPS tokens.

The Questions On Everyones Mind

  • How much will voucher tokens sell of if packs are $4 each?
  • How long after prelaunch will vouchers still be needed?
  • How much will SPS go for?
  • Will SPS retain it's value as more perks are added to it?

As an investor these are all aspects of the SPS token one has to consider. Unlock a stock or a crypto token that doesn't have all that many outside factors a governance token such as this does with many moving and ever changing parts. SPS token holders will be able to vote and change how much SPS is dropped in total which could play a massive change on the entire market which is a very powerful thing!

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