Another 200 Chaos Packs Opened! 11 Total Legendary Cards!

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I really enjoy doing these videos not only is it fun but it's an easy way to start doing a little marketing for HIVE and Splinterlands. I have say though this pack opening even with all of the great cards inside value wise didn't pan out to be as high as the values seem to be lowering and lowering. We aren't even out of prelaunch sales phase which has me a little worried.

In all the packs in total have a value of

200 packs $4 each - $800 + vouchers which are selling at $2-$3 each we will say $3 makes the possible cost of these packs at $1,400
At list price these cards are worth $1,202.50 and the Market value is $1,182.25 which is lower then if I would have just sold the packs and vouchers.

That's short investment strats right there and instead I'm playing the long game.

Just like Beta, Untamed and Dice packs had low values when they where being sold they now fetch a rather high price. Once all packs of Chaos sell out which might be rather quick by the end of this month I believe these prices will start to climb. Not only for the packs themselves but also for the cards.

The other thing is I'm preparing for lands this year. I believe beta cards will have a bonus for being used on lands and since they have become a little obsolete compared to untamed and for sure Chaos packs it to me makes sense to create a maxed level card deck for Chaos.
This in turn will allow me to still battle it out with a maxed newer deck Chaos while max mining lands with my maxed out beta deck.
Or at least that's the thoughts on that, time will tell if that's a solid play or not but I have a feeling it's the right play at the moment.

I'm actully pretty pumped for lands and mining resources and crafting items. I'm also stoked about what my keep might be and do! It's why I'm not selling any of my land (unless I can get a million bucks for it all lol) Overall though I'm pumped for this game and what's to come to it in 2022. Even though prices have slumped off a bit it's only a matter of when a new deck is released and values of SPS spike because of vouchers and so forth. SPS is also said to play a huge roll when it comes to land and while I only have 142 plots of land out of all of them I feel it will be a sizeable amount and pay some nice passive revenues.

I'm also hoping to soon partner up with Splinterlands a bit more and even start live streaming again. I have a large gaming community I built over the years through giveaways and working with other streamers, content creators, investors, business owners and esports teams. If things fit well I expect to be streaming a bit, creating more videos and promoting Hive as well as the gaming community heavily!

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