Social 2.0 Is Dying and 3.0 Is Starting To Step Up


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Social 2.0 Is Dying and 3.0 Is Starting To Step Up

Social media was born around 2004 and started to really evolve only about 2008 and really started to boom after the first recession. Before then social media was just a little side project with not all that much growth. It came a long way but in the last few years it's drastically taken a turn for the worse!

It's only now we are starting to see all the shady things these companies have done to us over the years. The collection of our data, selling our data, data breaches from hacks, manipulated practices, pushing hate, shadow banning and a whole host of negative things that just continue to stack up.

People are tired of it but there really aren't many good options yet for web 3.0 to replace these systems and the ones that are have either been totally scammy or so poorly put together that they fall apart.


The Future Web 3.0

We have seen some aspects of web 3.0 however many are still mild and small compared to what is yet to come. Below are what I would consider the best replacements so far to traditional social media.

Replace Facebook with - Minds or Torum

Replace Twitter with -

Replace Twitch with -

Replace Youtube with -

Now of course there are many other options but these stick out to me the most that are currently running and running rather well compared to other options I have seen.

Workers Exit Social 2.0

The amount of skill and knowledge many web 2.0 people have also have the right skills to build on web 3.0 and more tools are being given to them daily allowing for what is one of the largest transitions happening right now.

Those fed up with how the companies treat their customers and just don't feel good about themselves at the end of the day are leaving those companies and building their own platforms. Many of these are still in the building phases however it looks like a few could launch late this year or early to mid next year. This could be that transition phase we all wanted.

Imagine for a moment a full social media account that had NFTs, a way to display and use those NFTs for profiles etc. Gaming connections, streaming and all of it under one network. That's a very real possibility right here on Hive but we do need developers to do such things. I've been on a mission as of late to find such people and also to build up a sizeable passive crypto income stream though platforms such as SplinterLands and CubDeFi along with others.

We can see a system somewhat like this in play already with Splinterlands and where the game has been pushed to share on a social network called splintertalk offering up rewards as well as NFTs unique to the platform which you can show off within your profile. I think Splinterlands is on to something here and could even further expand the outpost to become a main hub for all things splinterlands.

The Balance of Rewards

With many of these new platforms they offer up rewards. Rewards are paid to content creators but also some to those who engage with the content offers up valued comments. This could later be expanded into sharing the content and tracking it to offer up rewards something like POSH token currently does here on Hive with Twitter.

With that however comes a slew of bots, spammers and scammers so there needs to be a system in place to combat this. Unfortantlly as soon as you offer up anything monetary for free the blasted bots and low quality come flooding in and quickly destroy any hopes for that social platform taking off. As much as we might hate it there needs to be some system in place to remove rewards from these bots and better rewards the high quality content. Hive itself somewhat does this but it's susceptible to abuse and human error.

What web 3.0 platforms are you looking forward to? and What web 3.0 social platforms do you currently use that you enjoy?

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