Mycelic Infantry is a battle hero - Earth Unit


Mycelic Infantry


Hello, Splinterland warriors!
How are you today? I hope that you are fine and in good health.

Since the rule of the game will make many monsters attack the first monster in the battle. This was reason enough to put Mycelic Infantry in first place to be able to delay.

Putting Mycelic Infantry in the first position was to reduce the damage dealt by melee monsters, Mycelic Infantry was very special in this battle,
He remained steadfast in his first position throughout the battle until it ended with his victory and his monsters.

These are my choices.

SplinterMana CostPositionReason
Obsidian4SummonerThis summoner consumes 4 mana but adds 1 magic attack to all his monster friends.
Mycelic Infantry81stHas 3 armor, 7 health and 3 melee attack, has the ability to reduce enemy damage, very good in first place.
Elven Mystic42ndHas 3 health, 1 magic attack, 2 speed, Doesn't have any special abilities. It belongs to the neutral unit.
Goblin Psychic63rd3 health, 1 speed, ​​2 Magic Attack, consumes 6 mana and has the ability to heal the monster in the first place.
Khmer Princess24th2 health, 1 speed, 1 Magical Attack, has no special abilities, but does not consume mana.
Regal Peryton55thConsumes 5 mana, has 6 health, 5 speed, 1 magic attack, has the ability to fly, and an increased chance of evading melee or ranged attacks from monsters who don't have the ability to fly.
Total Mana:29

To watch the Battle

My Opponent's Monsters

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

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