Splinterlands art contest week# 232 Entry (Tarsa)

This week for my entry im drawing the character named Tarsa. This card belongs to the fire element . You can see her dancing with fire and i just wanted to try to draw her in my style first of all i drew a rough lil sketch on paper .

Now i converted the line art in Medibang paint pro with a sharp edge brush

Next i put all the flat colors to the character our half work is done here

Next i shaded the hair with the help of a darker tone kept the opacity to 50% and set the layer on Multiply smudged the strokes to make them look like hair and added a light highlight over them blurred the highlight a big and set it to overlay and i was pretty satisfied with the hair shading they look auburn just like the character

Then i shaded the lineart, Skin and her clothes i just select a tone darker and add strokes then blur it a bit and it gives a soft rendered shading look

Now i added the fire to her hands and colored her eyes but this is not the end since i should make it more glowy

To make it all pop i added a previously made background by me to the character it was a starry night scene.

Duplicated the fire and set layer blending mode to add guasian blurred it and thats how you get the glowy effect on fire i reduced opacity a bit so her hands show

Obviously if there is fire u have to get the highlights on objects it will be lighting up so i added more highlights to her face and hair and gaussian blured it

In end i layered a blue layer on top and turned opacity to 5% added my water mark thats my Instagram handle and thats pretty much it This was the final result.

Tbh i love the challenge because its great for artists to practice and finding their own artstyle also you don't get an art block because there is tons of characters and you see other people draw it differently and thats inspirational too ❤️