Adelade Brightwing -Synergy Options in the Life Splinter


Adelade Brightwing - Synergy Options in the Life Splinter

๐Ÿ‘‘ A Deep Dive into Possibly the Best of Chaos Legion ๐Ÿ‘‘

Adelade Brightwing.PNG

I'd like to start by saying that Life is my strongest splinter, and the one that I have the most experience playing. I play in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold leagues between my two accounts. I will focus this discussion on the utility of Adelade in the Bronze and Silver leagues, and what cards she best synergizes with in the Life splinter. Lets start by taking a look at the stats.

Adelade Stats.PNG

As you can see, Adelade is primarily a support monster with decent magic damage and health points. She gains an additional ability each time she is leveled up.


Adelade starts with the flying and repair ability. The flying ability makes her a very valuable card in the earthquake ruleset, and 25% more difficult to hit by ranged and melee monsters. The repair ability will repair up to 2 armor per round for the friendly monster that took the most damage (if they have armor). This ability is exceptionally powerful in the Armored Up and Weak Magic rulesets. At level 2, she gains the resurrect ability which will resurrect the first friendly monster that dies on the battlefield. Let's discuss how to maximize the functionality of these abilities, and the monsters that would most benefit.

Team Composition

First off, a monster would need to start with armor to make us of this ability, obviously. So which would benefit most? Let's take a look.

Chain Spinner.PNG

The Chain Spinner is the cheapest Life splinter card on the market not from Chaos Legion, and usually one of the two cheapest of all splinters. This is an extremely undervalued card that has tremendous utility. It is the only Life monster with void armor, and can be a nightmare for opposing magic heavy teams that are often faced in lower leagues. Although it has relatively unimpressive stats at level 1, it does get much more impressive by gaining additional armor as it levels up to level 5. The repair ability can sustain this monster for longer than an opponent cares to deal with. Adding another monster with repair, such as Lone Boatman or Scavo Hireling, can be simply overpowering. An extremely important mechanic of the resurrect ability Adelade has is that when a monster is resurrected it comes back with all the armor it started the match with and only 1 heath point. This mechanic isn't much of a concern with the Chain Spinner as any damage taken will first hit its armor due to having the void armor ability. Even at level 5, the monster has a total of 9 armor and health points combined. It is therefore highly beneficial to add the Crystal Werewolf with its silence ability in the second position to increase the sustainability of the Chain Spinner if facing a lot of magic. Adding monster with the protect ability ability can also greatly improve the sustainability of the Chain Spinner. We will touch on this more at the end of this article.

Crystal Jaguar

Crystal Jaguar.PNG

The Crystal Jaguar, with only 1 armor, might not seem like a logical choice to add with Adelade. However, in the event you are facing a commonly used magic team with the Mustang Unicorn up front, only the Mustang Unicorn will engage the armor each round. This will result in taking a net zero melee damage each round as the armor will be repaired at the end of the round. You will still be taking a lot of damage to the health pool from the opposing monsters. You should therefore use the Venari Crystalsmith with tank heal to keep the Jag around. Again, the Crystal Werewolf in the second position will vastly improve you chances of winning if you are facing a magic heavy team. The Crystal Jaguar gains the thorns ability at level 4. The addition of this ability makes the monster an extremely viable tank, especially in the Little League ruleset. Adding monsters with protect and/or repair will also help sustain the Jag just like the Chain Spinner. The main difference between the two is that the Chain Spinner doesn't really need a monster with tank heal in the team composition to keep it around.



The ShieldBearer is a powerful frontline tank and a staple in a Life splinter lineup. Adelade's repair ability can definately improve his sustainabilit. As noted earlier though, when resurrected he will only come back with 1 health point and his starting armor. Nothing is more aggravating than bringing him back to the battlefield, only to have the very next monster with 1 magic damage delete again. The Crystal Jaguar and Shieldbearer will need to have a monster with tank heal around for to ensure they aren't instantly taken right back off the battlefield. The Shieldbearer does have the taunt ability which can be very, very useful when used with a few weak support monsters keeping him around.


No splinter has more than one monster available with the resurrect ability (Earth has two if considering Jini Guise available only in guild brawls). Life has 3 monsters with resurrect: Adelade Brightwing, High Priest Darius, and Angel of Light. Additionally, Life also has the summoner Chanseus the Great with resurrect.

High Priest Darius.PNG

Chanseus The Great.PNG

Angel of Light.PNG

Each of these cards have the resurrect ability available at level 1, with only Adelade Brightwing required being leveled up to level 2. This totals a possible 4 chances to resurrect fallen monsters on the battlefield! The lowly Chain Spinner having a starting hit point pool of 9 points at level 5 would increase to 36 if resurrected 4 times, without even considering possible armor repairs each round. All three of these cards are very expensive to purchase, however they are all very reasonable priced to rent when compared to other legendary cards.

The Armorer Brigade

Similar to the resurrect ability, no other splinter has more than 2 cards available with the repair ability. Furthermore, only the Life splinter has the ability available to splinters in the Bronze and Silver leagues. All other splinters must reach the Gold level monster to obtain the repair ability. Life has the Armorsmith and Adelade Brightwing with repair available at level 1, the common monster Lone Boatman gains access at level 5 (Silver League), and the summoner Chanseus the Great! The Scavo Hireling is also an option for adding an additional repair monster to your lineup.


Lone Boatman.PNG

Scavo Hireling.PNG

The repair ability can be extremely helpful, especially in certain rulesets. Adding an additional support monster with repair, alongside Adelade, can be overwhelming to an opposing team.

Send More Support

A couple of other support monsters that are definitely worth noting are the two that have the protect ability. Protect will add +2 armor to all friendly monsters. This maximizes potential of monsters with repair to keep all friendly monsters on the battlefield.

Defender of Truth.PNG


The Defender of Truth is definitely the more useful of these two monsters, as it has good attack speed and magic damage for only 4 mana. The Truthspeaker is definately a useful card, but its low health points make it highly susceptible to monsters with the snipe and opportunity abilities. However, either can be extremely beneficial in certain situations or rulesets.

Let There Be Life

Adelade Brightwing's resurrect and repair abilities give the monster exception support synergy with existing monsters in the Life splinter. She's able to keep a lineup fighting long after they should have perished. Adding monsters with the same abilities can further the advantage. Be sure to have enough damage in your lineup though. All the support abilities in the world won't delete enemies from the battlefield.

I will gift you 5 cards to help you get started if you sign up with my Referral Link and purchase the Summoner's Spellbook. At least one of these will be rare or higher.

Good luck,
Blackfoot92 out.


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