2022 for BlazarBits


Going into 2022 Blazar Force is still on a mission to help support blockchain games and play2earn platforms. This is done prominently via the DAO a group of gaming enthusiasts from all over the world who are incentivized to locate new games early on, and help teach each other how to play them.(Which can include steps like using nfts, defi, and bridging between blockchains.) The more we grow, the more we learn. Incentives to help grow are given out via the DAO token, BlazarBits(BzB), these tokens are the foundation of the group and entitle each member a voice in future decisions. Throughout 2021 BzB have been fairly easy to acquire to encourage more to join, now going into 2022 we are seeing a lot of adoption and growth in the entire market so we are moving into the next phase of distribution! Don't worry Rewards are not going away, but rewards will be used to help strengthen the group as well as recruit.

The New Splinterlands distribution model will be:

Members can only receive 1 reward daily per completed match and those will vary by the current rank during  the match

Novice Rank - 0 BzB
Bronze Rank - 2 BzB
Silver Rank - 5 BzB
Gold Rank - 10 BzB
Diamond Rank - 20 BzB

This newer model encourages players to climb more, boosting the guilds ranking and renown

The Rewards for finding a unique Play2Earn or Blockchain game will require you provide a brief description of how to play the game or how the platform works when you share it. Which can earn you up to 25 BzB daily.

Also creating content and contributing to the group in any way you would like will always be rewarded.

A Member I would like to spotlight who has taken a lot of initiative in helping in anyway they can is Yuma! You might have noticed Yuma around the discord and the amount of help they've offered in recruiting members, coming up with ideas, hosting tournaments, guild management, and the massive help with reward distributions, this has accelerated progress across the board! As a BzB holder and Blazar 0 club member hopefully Yuma will stick around as long as possible ☺.

If any other members would like to participate in community management or moderation, or have some good ideas, you can always msg me on twitter or discord directly!

Now some more good news for token holders, BzB is now Listed and Trading at https://trade.orionprotocol.io/trade/BBZB-USDT on the Binance Smart Chain, and https://trade.orionprotocol.io/swap on Ethereum. Also liquidity has been provided at Uniswap since its deployment to polygon (https://info.uniswap.org/#/polygon/tokens/0x462d8d82c2b2d2ddabf7f8a93928de09d47a5807). Bringing more trading opportunities on more blockchains is crucial as it allows players to easily swap their earned BzB for more in-game tokens or nfts and allows them to buy BzB easily with small portions of earnings.

Blazar Force is currently looking for more active users in Skyweaver on Polygon, Gods Unchained on Immutable X, Thetan Arena on Binance Smart Chain, any Enjin based games, and any esports players at the IGGalaxy platform. More players are always welcome in the discord(https://discord.gg/Rh2E7nR) and once a large enough group is established rewards can be activated for each title.

BlazarForce NFT

Over the next few months there will be some major upgrades and a push to increase activity in the NFT collection. The BlazarForce ERC-721 contract has been verified by polygonscan and is a verified collection at https://tofunft.com/collection/blazarforce/items this is a foundation to build out some new NFT ideas and with royalties gained from NFT trading being used to seed more BzB liquidity or perform buy/burns. All NFTs will continue to be airdropped for free but now not only to Blazar 0 Club members also BzB stakers and liquidty providers will have a chance at receiving some.

I would like to give a BIG thanks to everyone for helping make 2021 such a success and expect to flourish even more in 2022! And expect lots more exclusive benefits to group members!
Blazar Force


Thank you @blazar-force for all the support you have given to all of us, your members. We are so grateful to be part of this journey. More power to you!